Lolidrobe Reassessment Post 2021.1

Back at it again, reviewing how things have gone so far. I honestly shouldn’t be surprised by the passage of time at this point and how quickly we go between these posts, yet here I am.

New additions

I’ve not been the best at tracking my purchases recently, although I know that there weren’t that many strictly fashion ones. My finger has slipped on books/comics/food more than on clothes or jewellery, which could bode well for this list.

  • 2 dresses (1 Classic JSK in ivory x green and 1 Classic OP in wine*)
  • 2 outerwear pieces (1 Classic blazer in red tartan, 1 Classic cardigan in green*)
  • 2 pairs of legwear (1 Sweet tights in red, 1 Classic tights in red tartan)
  • and 13 accessories (1 Classic rosette in wine, 1 Classic pin in gold, 1 Classic bow clip in gold, 1 Sweet necklace in mint, 1 Sweet badge in pink, 1 Sweet hair clip in navy, 1 Gothic hair clip in lavender, 1 Gothic patch in black, 1 Classic necklace x ring x earrings set in sax, 1 pair of Classic earrings in red, 1 Classic brooch in gold x green, 1 nurse armband and 1 eyemask clip)

It looks so ecclecting altogether.

Of course, I still managed to forget one thing...

Restraint seems to have come pretty easily so far, though let me assure you that it is not for lack of temptations. My tracker for non-wishlist items is already on 19 items, and several items on it are actually marked with a “yes” and simply waiting for an opportune moment to place the order. So the next reassessment post could be a whole different story to this one…
Oh, and as a side note, I did not include the Irregular Choice High Score shoes because whilst so far I’ve only worn them with lolita and they are in my wardrobe post and spreadsheet, in my head they don’t necessarily qualify as a lolita addition, but as a novelty item.

Possible new looks

I mean, that blazer is meant to make anything and everything an iconic look. It’s taking a lot of willpower, actually, to not wear it with literally everything that I own. The examples here may be a tad uninspired, but I was taking these photos before a meetup, when I should’ve been getting ready. Besides, when the majority of your additions are small pieces, there isn’t much that can be done to show

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Replacement and need list progress

Replacements are slow right now. Which is just another way of saying that I haven’t yet done any. And in all fairness, I totally forgot that I had a fur capelet on that list until just now because my mind’s been preoccupied with spring. I need to save an eBay search for this, else I’ll keep forgetting until we get to winter again.

Progress so far - absolutely zero.

As for the need list, it seems to be one off, one in policy. I may have tackled the Classic sax jewellery, and then realised that I forgot to include one thing in January: a pair of white x lavender legwear. I almost bought what would probably be the perfect pair last year, but wasn’t quick enough. So whilst the photo used is of that particular pair, I will happily get another design if it happens to be the right undertone. Oh, and I lucked out on eBay, scoring myself the perfect tartan blazer! An all-tartan coord is genuinely in the making, just you wait.

Progress - one off. Regress - one in.

Current wishlist

Of course that as soon as my wishlist went up, I had some additions to make… That is just sod’s law.

For the main pieces category I have two additions to the bottom priority tier: a velvet main piece (preferably a JSK or an OP) and a simple black skirt. To the middle tier goes the Millefleurs Chiffon or Georgette OP. The velvet dress I hope to have for winter and colder month as a bit of a staple. Sometimes it’s good to have a warmer layer and not have to put on so much over the top of that. The black skirt is my thinking more towards the post-pandemic time. I do have a simple black skirt from Axes Femme that’s not lolita that got plenty of wear to the office, so as I sense myself transitioning more towards the daily/very-regular lolita, having a staple like this would allow me to do that. Lastly, having seen @itsvanillabear wear hers, it reminded me that Millefleurs is an amazing brand that has the misfortune of not showcasing their pieces’ full beauty on stock photos. The Chiffon OP in wine would be my top priority, followed by either the Chiffon or the Georgette one in sax blue, followed by either in white.

Progress - none. Additions - three in total.

Though for a moment I forgot that I also had a wishlist for non-dress items, and I guess that one saw a touch more movement. Not a lot, but still. That tartan blazer realy was the luckiest find imaginable!

Progress - one thing off and no new things on. That's probably the most significant progress so far!

New Year’s goals: progress summary

Four goals once again, though easier to do a bit at a time.

  1. Did I create 1 lookbook video for charity: not yet. However, by now I have pretty much decided on which theme I would like to do, which gives me until November. It’s a clear and very doable deadline. I’d love to up that lookbook game with a fancy location, but remembering what happened last time I wanted to film in a public space and how I chickened out, this may not end up happening.
  2. Did I plan my Disneybounding outfits: a start has been made. The first one was shared in February and I have started to narrow down the ideas that require some crafts. These will all be kept under the Disneybounding tag, if you’d like to see them all quickly. (Even though right now there literally is only the one.)
  3. Have I had a lolita photoshoot: again, not yet. This is the only one that I haven’t thought about at all so far, which I should address. Ideally by starting with deciding on my photoshoot idea, this would help in moving things along.
  4. Did I overhaul my earrings collection: not yet. I had plans on getting started last weekend, but the clocks going forward took me by surprise for the first time in years and I was genuinely missing that one extra hour.

Whilst nothing being certain in the current world situation is a given at this point (we have been at it for over 12 months now), somehow I feel like even less is known than before. The UK has been very up-and-down, easing restrictions (which we’re still waiting to see if they’ll backfire or not) and making people do various things. My work seems to be operating under the idea that we will be back in the office come September, which simultaneously too optimistic to be true and inevitable. It’s probably best for my mental health that I don’t dwell on those thoughts too much. For now, as we’re now in April, my focus is on Camp NaNo, so whilst there will be content here, it is pretty much all running on being scheduled in advance. I tried to get some things going for May too, but I may need some sanity breaks from writing and what better distraction than playing with pretty clothes?


  1. Clothes look fantastic. Interested in a nano post.. ��

    1. Thank you! I don't think that I'll be sharing much that's specific to NaNo here. For one I write in Polish and whilst I could easily translate it back and forth, it takes time that I don't have much to spare. Though more importantly, I aim to keep this blog specific to lolita fashion, whereas my NaNo writing has nothing to do with that.

    2. Oh thanks for the reply. I just recently read an old egl livejournal story called "Once more with poof (which is a funny story about if the major Lolita brands were people)" and saw the words Nanowrimo and got excited about more potential Lolita literature lol. Best wishes for your Camp Nano writing


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