No Buy Support Wardrobe Challenge: A Coord with a Never Worn Accessory


Continuing on with this challenge on a one-per-month basis, we get to the section of prompts that focus on the smaller items that may not get as much love. And for once I actually did find not just one, but two that were never worn.

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| Metamorphose Classical Sister OP | Innocent World Origa OTKs | offbrand shoes | Antique Beast headdress | Grimoire brooch | Voodoodolly ring | Dalao Home wig |

My never before worn accessories are the Antique Beast headdress and the Grimoire brooch. I have previously worn the white headdress, but haven’t yet had the chance to wear the black one. Most of my black bits, especially the truly gothic ones, are bought with the understanding that they will wait their turn until I feel sufficiently gothy, which can be a while. However, April played a joke on us right from day 1 by being pretty cold, which meant that I could wear the Classical Sister OP without overheating. From there it was just a small hop to make the coord gothic rather than classic by throwing black accents at it, of which the headdress was a big part. Also, not going to lie, once I had the dress, wig and headdress on, I felt like a child of Wednesday Addams and Amanda Buckley from The Addams Family Values - i am the fanfiction brought to life.

Actually, they are both my mothers spiritually, it'd be a lie to say that there isn't a bit of Amanda in me.

As for the brooch, it is such a teeny tiny piece that I picked up at the swap meet last September. By virtue of being so small, it could actually be a filler amongst other accessories, but it would be a shame to drown it out like that. So instead, rather than go for one of my other gothic brooches, I picked this one. It is intrinsically more classic than gothic, though I also kind of like that and feel that this is what makes it work with the coord better, since the dress can also work with either substyle.

This collar is also perfect for displaying brooches.

The rest of the coord is very simple. Partly due to my lacking in more traditionally gothic pieces (had it arrived in time, I would’ve added the black corset to this though). Partly due to liking the simpler gothic looks more over the heavily accessorised and super intricate ones. And partly due to pure practicality. As I already said, the day was cold, so I just wanted to be warm. It was also a work-from-home day, which meant that comfort was more important. The wig did have to come off relatively quickly as it had started to give me a headache, though everything else stayed on for pretty much the rest of the day.

And that is all there really is to say about this coord. Whilst I am very good with not letting main pieces sit around for too long before being worn, I could definitely be better about extending similar treatments to other sections of my collection. Accessories should be so easy to incorporate, yet by virtue of being small they so often fall between the cracks. As nice as it would be to make the promise to change now, chances are that this won’t stick. So instead I will simply promise to include accessories in my wardrobe cull, so that whatever I do keep does have a fair chance at being worn.

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