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Lolita fashion designers love a royalty-inspired motif. From as obviously teaboo as Innocent World (seriously, I love Fujiwara-san, but at one point this was a bit of a British Karen Mum Energy with the releases) to as country-less common imagery as crowns, with all the Sissis and Marie Antoinettes in between, lolita fashion is stuffed with references to royalty, not unlike the early 2010s being full of those Marilyn Monroe handbags. If we are going to celebrate royalty within our community, then I think we should celebrate our own.

All hail Queen Cat!

Enchantlic Enchantilly’s Queen Cat has been so popular that she’s featured in their designs pretty regularly since 2014. Even though I haven’t felt much need to own any of the clothing from the series, both the range and the overwhelming cuteness of the accessories is chef’s kiss. Come join me on a little Lolibrary dive through some of my favourite items featuring this Very Clearly Unimpressed If Not Downright Pissed Off Feline Royalty.

Queen Cat x Michal Negrin

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Whilst Michal Negrin’s accessories aren’t particularly popular amongst lolitas outside of Japan (most likely due to cost), it is so wonderfully intricate and already oozing old money glam. That is precisely the kind of lush goodness that Queen Cat should be surrounded by and these collaboration pieces really come together into one stunning design. The barrette is probably my favourite and it was a lovely surprise to find it modelled by a Black model too (if anyone knows her name, please, let me know, I’d love to give them the proper recognition). The way Queen Cat peeks out from the corner of the cameo makes her look even more judgemental of the peasants around her and that is precisely the kind of royal energy that we love to see in lolita.

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Lolibrary listing.

Oh, it is so undignified to be reduced to just a cute mascot, which is precisely why this stuffed cushion is extra cute and funny! Our poor, fluffy queen who, judging by her expression, never lets anyone unworthy even think about touching her luscious fur, now in a cuddly toy that you can squish to your heart’s content. The irony! But hey, if the British royals have found a way to live with being souvenirs for the tourists because it makes them money, then I’m sure that she has too. Even if she’s even less happy about that than she is about everything else about the appalling state of affairs around her. (And at least this one, unlike the hand towel version, isn’t wiping anyone’s sweat - disgusting!)


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Now this, on the other hand - this is very much worthy of royalty! The soft fabric, the golden tassels, the luxurious warmth it offers as you wrap it around your neck, everything about this scarf is made to Queen Cat’s exacting standards. Again, she is peering even more judgmentally over here from each frame, but imagine the fun ways that you could tie that scarf around yourself and have those all-seeing eyes be visible from between your coat’s lapels. That way you could be her trusted spy, the advisor who will let her survey her lands without needing to compromise her safety or without the risk of mixing with the unworthy. If you do a really good job, she will purr with contentment whilst wrapped around your neck like this and that is the most royal treatment that any of us can hope for in this life to be honest. Sure, you could achieve similar things with the phone case, but that comes without the warming and purring additions, so treat yourself to the highest luxury available

Secret Library rings

Lolibrary listing.

Of the many jewellery items, the rings from the Queen Cat ~ Secret Library release hold a special place in my heart. Not just because I own the book ring myself, but because of the library theme overall. A true queen is educated to the highest standard and Queen Cat is no different. Look at the way she is staring down her royal advisors from the moral high ground of the book she’s perched upon. This is a look that tolerates no fool and that keeps those pesky royal advisors in their damn place! This series also gave us such a wonderful glimpse into the royal palace and what splendid objects we might find here. You didn’t really expect a queen like this to have a clock any less elaborate than this, did you?

Queen Cat Marie necklace

Lolibrary listing.

Although if I’m honest, as far as Queen Cat jewellery goes, this is probably my actual favourite. Queen Cat saw what her rival, Marie Antoinette, was wearing and demanded that she be given something like it, with the effect being truly opulent. Some of it is likely that Enchantlic Enchantilly predominantly make acrylic jewellery, so this departure from their usual style stands out as befitting feline royalty. The rich colours would work beautifully with her light fur, irrespective of which colourway she’d choose to wear, and the framed cameo portraits are just the right level of vanity that we indulge royals in displaying. If I could ever manage to find this (because yes, the regret of missing out on this by 7 years is real right now), I would love to find that light green version.


When the Bibliotheca bloggers have voted that the theme for May should be royalty, the obvious thing to do would have been to put together a few coords appropriate for the coronation of Charles III. Except that the royal family can actually go stuff themselves, I’d like everyone outside the UK to know that the mood was more anti-monarchy protests and enjoying the extra day off rather than saying the pledge of allegiance, and even though I watched the ceremony, I can’t say that it enriched my life in any way (though I do have a few mental notes that I will probably use at one point or another when writing). Queen Cat though? I would pledge my allegiance to her in a heartbeat!

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  1. Queen Cat >>>> other queens, princesses or whatever, hahaha.
    I didn't know there were so many new accessories with this gorgeous cat on! The scarf is definitely the fanciest in my opinion, I'd snag it in a heartbeat if I ever saw on sale online :3

    1. Absolutely, all hail Queen Cat!
      And I was surprised at how much was released with her too. There's even more listed on Lolibrary than what I shared and I wouldn't be surprised if there was even more that slipped the archivists. I remember when the scarf came out, it lingered on Wunderwelt Fleur for a bit (presumably since most of Enchantlic Enchantilly's customers shop directly with them), so hopefully one might trickle into the second hand market for you to grab.


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