Coord Catchup


Phew, all the New Year stuff is behind us now, things have calmed down over here, we can finally get on with life as normal. Because there were a few outfits back in December that I never shared here, as well as one in January already. None of them was an occasion big enough to warrant its own post, so here’s a roundup of the couple of last Lolita outfits I wore and documented (there were one or two that went by undocumented) in chronological order.

First is this simple outfit from when I went to see the ballet version of The Little Mermaid by the Northern Ballet Theatre. I aim to see a NBT production every year as a Christmas treat to myself and absolutely loved the fact that their version was so much closer to Hans Christian Andersen’s. It was absolutely beautiful, truly mesmerising and one of my favourite shows of theirs that I’ve seen, it moved me to tears (and the nice lady next to me who was also on her own). Since it was The Little Mermaid I wanted to do something marine themed, hence the Meta sailor skirt. But the skirt’s cream and brown colourway doesn’t lend itself that well to traditional blue-and-white marine style, so it ended up a not particularly marine outfit at all. Although I still liked it, it was very comfortable and warm!

| Metamorphose Sailor Tiered skir | Axes Femme blouse | DreamV
cardigan | Angelic Pretty Odekake Ribbon OTKs | Cutie Creator
headbow | offbrand beret and boots | Wonderbox Designs brooch |

My next outfit had to be rescheduled as I’ve fallen ill when I was due to go to a casual Christmas meet in York. However, since I had put in a lot of energy to iron every tier of the massive skirt on Meta’s Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK, I didn’t want the outfit go to waste so I wore it the week after when my Mum and I went to Bradford Cathedral for a Christmas Carol Concert. Again, all the layers kept me very warm and cosy, although the skirt even with my smaller petticoat still kept getting on other people’s seats when we were standing up and sitting back down at the concert. It was a beautiful performance and the clergy in attendance were far more welcoming and mingling than I’m used to from Catholic priests – In Poland they tend to be a bit too full of themselves, so they wouldn’t shake hands with the people leaving and wish people “Merry Christmas”, for example. And the Bradford Cathedral is very beautiful, I hadn’t been before, but I might go more often now (they often do non-religious events like concerts or silent film screenings).

| Metamorphose Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK | Miss Point Earl Gray blouse |
Axes Femme cardigan | Innocent World Union Flag Lame OTKs | Angelic
Pretty Elegant Doll boots | After Midnight beret |

Right after that was Christmas Eve, which is when we celebrate Christmas. I had been planning what to wear for a while and knowing that Christmas is about eating, it had to be something fully shirred. It ended up being the very first time I wore Meta’s Polka Dot Shirring Pinafore JSK in a proper Lolita way, blouse, petticoat, leg- and headwear, the whole shebang. It’s such a great, light, casual piece that it ended up being a sundress more than anything and the white actually makes it difficult to match, so you have to use a contrasting colour for the coord to look nice. It was different wearing all black and white, but I liked the look, it was very elegant and chic, as well as incredibly comfortable. I even managed to wear the Gothic necklace I got in my After Midnight lucky pack, which is a great bonus to this outfit!

| Metamorphose Polka Dot Shirring Pinafore JSK | Cutie Creator headbow |
offbrand blouse, belt, tights and shoes | After Midnight necklace |

This whizzes us in time to January. Yes, I’ve worn some more casual Lolita outfits over the Christmas period, but I didn’t get a full outfit shot, so the next time was my birthday. I originally wanted to wear Bodyline’s Sweet Macaron, but then I realised that I had worn this JSK in January twice in a row now (here and here), so I decided to switch things up a little. OP was a perfect choice: I could look fancy whilst feeling more comfy, the cut allows for eating a bit more (even though the chest part is fairly tight) and except for the petticoat, everything was small/light/foldable so I could pack into only one backpack for my weekend away. I love ivory and feel good in it, it seems to work with my complexion and I really like myself in it, even if I am paranoid that I’ll drop food on it and stain it.

| Angelic Pretty British Crown OP | Angelic Pretty Twinkle
Glitter Knit
cardigan | Angelic Pretty Crown Logo OTKs |
Angelic Pretty Elegant Doll boots | Milkribbon Misako brooch |
offbrand beret and crown brooch |

And now we’re up to date, no more Lolita was worn, but there’s plenty yet to come. I’m in charge of organising the next meet and there’ll be a bit tea party in March (suddenly that feels so immediate and I don’t feel as ready for this as I’d like to be), so I better get outfit planning!


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