Lolita Wardrobe Post 2018

Originally I wasn't going to do a wardrobe post this year, remembering how tiring and challenging it was last year. However, I have come to see the light and found a way around some of my issues (i.e. poor lighting), enabling me to get my act together and photograph everything. I included every hair accessory, every piece of jewellery and all the pieces I use with Lolita, whether they're brand, Japanese offbrand or totally offbrand/thrifted/upcycled. The only things not included are undergarments, so petticoats and bloomers, and earrings - not counting the one or two other bits I simply forgot about when taking photos. This is my most comprehensive wardrobe post yet and I'm very pleased with the result. It might be a bit too photo-heavy for some, so consider this your warning.

2017 has been good for me in terms of Lolita. While I tried to focus on builder pieces, I ended up getting quite a few main pieces I really wanted, including a long-stading wishlist item that I didn't think I'd get. My wardrobe also grew in brand pieces I previously had little interest in, like shoes or jewellery - but I also added plenty of Taobao/offbrand pieces and most of my brand additions were cheap second hand buys. If there's anything I haven't named you're curious about, just ask. ^^

Looking at it all now, I want more red pieces since I love red in all shades. However, I'm not sure how sensible it'd be to add any now: I had two big purchases in January already and I'm as out of storage as one can be, so it'd be sensible to put that off for a while. Not that I always do what's sensible... But when I do try to be sensible, I get myself organised, so here is my list of 2018 goals and my 2018 wishlist, that so far, without bragging, I managed to stick to pretty well (but still it's only early). Although now that you can see what I own, I think my wishlist makes a lot more sense than it did on its own.

2016 and 2017 wardrobe posts if you're curious, but be warned that the quality of photography declines the further back you go.

Metamorphose Polka Dot Shirring Pinafore JSK.
Got this for a bargain price and it's amazing for casual wear!

Baroque Repose of Queen Teatime Dress set with overskirt (not pictured).
I have very fond memories modelling this at Dream Masquerade Carnival shortly after my own set arrived.

Angelic Pretty British Crown OP.
The measurements on this lie, there's no way it could fit as much chest as it claims to!

Angelic Pretty Fantasy Theater Gilet JSK.
First piece I bought directly from brand in the Kanazawa branch.

Bodyline L380 skirt.
Bought this to use as an underskirt, but it's lovely on its own.

Metamorphose Sailor Tiered skirt.
This gets far more wear for work than in Lolita coords.

Magic Tea Party Bears Paradise skirt.
Such a cute, yet unassuming piece thanks to the neutral colours and simple cut.

Innocent World Georges Rose JSK.
Promise I ironed it, it just wrinkles like crazy. It's a great fancy, but still sort of blending in kind of piece.

Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House Collar JSK (2012-release).
It's such a boob-squisher, and yet I love how flattering this cut is on me!

Innocent World Strawberry Tarte OP.
Got this in a lucky pack last year and I'm still surprised how much I love it, despite the high waist cut. It's so comfy and summery!

Bodyline L262 (altered).
The very first Lolita dress I ever bought and I still love it. It's a very versatile piece.

Alice and the Pirates Sheherazade ~ One Thousand and One Nights ~ JSK I.
Another one where I find the cut extremely flattering on me. More of this kind of cuts, please!

BtSSB Full of Stars "Bright Starry Night" JSK I.
This JSK was a painful lesson in customs in the UK. I love it despite its unpleasant history.

Angelic Pretty Diner Doll JSK.
The only mint piece in my collection, although it is a bluish mint.

BtSSB Sugar Bouquet Shirring Princess JSK.
This one, on the other hand, claims to be sax, but it's a minty shade. Argh! But a great deal on WW, arrived with tags for supposedly C-condition.

Innocent World Revival Sweet Teddybear JSK.
A long-standing dream dress that's finally mine. I love IW's simple take on Sweet Lolita!

Metamorphose Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK.
Lord, the skirt on this one never ends, which is painfully obvious when ironing!

Bodyline L249 JSK.
Second Lolita dress I ever bought and while I still adore it, I now feel like it's a bit too short.

Lady Sloth/Casual Sloth Look at My Dreamy Sky - Day OP.
Although it's from the casual range, it still works with Lolita. Shame I received it just as it started to get cold, can't wait to wear it again.

Haenuli Sweet Cream Kitty JSK.
I got this one as a present from my boyfriend for graduating with a 2:1. It has a matching waist ribbon, but I couldn't be bother to dig it out just for the photo.

BtSSB Secret AIR MAIL from Sweet Kitty JSK.
Probably my favourite print from Baby, the kitties are adorable.

Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival Tiered JSK.
This was an instant dream dress, but the damn thing appeared just after I spent all my savings on Fantasy Theater. I was lucky to get it later without selling a kidney.

Taobao Fairy Tale Library skirt.
This is also a piece that I wear a lot to work. The print always gets noticed and complimented a lot.

Resailan Jewelry Box JSK I.
The print is incredible and makes up for the few shortcomings in construction. It's as vibrant as it looks on the photo.

Bodyline L460 coat

vintage jacket

offbrand capelet

Top row: DreamV, Angelic Pretty, thrifted & upcycled.
Bottom row: Axes Femme, thrifted & upcycled, Hell Bunny.

Top row: BtSSB, Bodyline, Innocent World, offbrand.
Bottom row: thrifted & upcycled, BtSSB, Innocent World.

Short sleeve blouses
Top row: Axes Femme, Angelic Pretty (actually has detachable sleeves), Magic Tea Party, Axes Femme.
Bottom row: Metamorphose, BtSSB (actually has detachable sleeves), Angelic Pretty, Axes Femme.

3/4 sleeve blouses
Top row: offbrand, Infanta (actually an overblouse), Resailan (Taobao).
Bottom row: Axes Femme, offbrand (probably Taobao, bought on eBay).

Long sleeve blouses
Top row: Innocent World, Soufflesong, Bodyline, Innocent World, Infanta.
Bottom row: vintage x2, Miss Point, Infanta, Soufflesong, Axes Femme.

Top row: New Look, Nile Perch, New Look, DreamV.
Bottom row: New Look, Metamorphose, Dorothy Perkins, Angelic Pretty, Axes Femme.

OTKs: white/ivory-kei
Taobao x2, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty x3, Innocent World.

OTKs: red-kei
BtSSB, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Putomayo, Innocent World.

OTKs: pink/lavender-kei
Innocent World x2, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty x2, Metamorphose.

OTKs: blue/green-kei
Angelic Pretty x5, Putomayo, Innocent World x2, Metamorphose.

Baroque x2, Resailan, Enchantlic Enchantilly, Mufish x2, Resailan.

Top row: offbrand x2, Sosic Shop, Antaina, Angelic Pretty.
Middle row: Metamorphose, Bodyline, Innocent World, offbrand.
Bottom row: Bodyline, offbrand, Taobao (?), offbrand.

Top row: Alice and the Pirates, Metamorphose, Loris, Amavel.
Middle row: BtSSB (freebie with Melt), DreamV, offbrand, Innocent World.
Bottom row: Angelic Pretty (freebie with mook), Angelic Pretty, Disney.

Outer two: Tea Party Club event totes. Middle: Lady Sloth.

Includes pieces by Angelic Pretty, BtSSB, Chocomint, Enchantlic Enchantily, Twinkle Kitty Boutique and Sweet Dolly House.

Necklaces: Sweet.
Includes pieces by After Midnight, Bubblegum Emporium, Metamorphose and Sweet Dolly House.

Necklaces: Classic & other.
Includes pieces by After Midnight, Enchantlic Enchantilly, Fantastic Grim Jewellery, Innocent World, Metamorphose, Risu Rose, Rose Marie Seoir and Two Days Slow.

Includes pieces by Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Madillustration, Milkribbon, Peacockalorum, Sweet Dolly House and Tea Party Club.

Headwear: white/ivory/gold-kei.
Includes pieces by After Midnight, Baroque, Chocomint, Cutie Creator, Jeshii Doll, Innocent World and Metamorphose.

Headwear: pink/lavender-kei
Includes pieces by After Midnight, Metamorphose, Ruby Rose and Shinku Rose.

Headwear: red-kei
Includes pieces by After Midnight, Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, Cutie Creator, Haruhi Clover, Innocent World and Peacockalorum.

Headwear: brown/yellow-kei
Includes pieces by Cutie Creator and Sweet Dolly House.

Headwear: green-kei.
Includes pieces by Angelic Pretty and Cutie Creator.

Headwear: blue-kei
Includes pieces by Angelic Pretty, BtSSB, Cutie Creator, Haruhi Clover, Innocent World, Long Ears and Sharp Ears, Resailan, Triple Fortune and Soufflesong.

Hats and felt pieces.
Includes pieces by After Midnight, Cutie Creator and Sheena's Bella Bows.

Top one is offbrand. Bottom two are Taobao.

Peacockalorum underskirt

Gloves: Innocent World, vintage.
Wrist cuffs: Peacockalorum, Cutie Creator, Angelic Pretty x2, Peacockalorum, Angelic Pretty. Bracelets: all offbrand or handmade.

BtSSB parasol, Peacockalorum muff, offbrand waist chain, Angelic Pretty x TPC mug and box, handmade sash, TPC fan.

Angelic Pretty Royal Unicorn Switching JSK;
Mary Magdalene Paulina JSK (finally, after years of fruitless searching!);
King Eleven Miss Tea's Delicate Life JSK (should've arrived already, but I may sell it since the MM dress took up a lot of funds - I'll see);
Little Dipper short coat
and Sosic Shop heels (another sax to add to the collection of non-matching sax pieces?).
There's also another pair of boots from Mirror Mirror, but I don't have a photo.


  1. I love looking through wardrobe posts, and it's even better when someone takes the time to really photograph all the different parts in addition to main pieces. You did a great job putting this together! I'm really impressed by how your sock photos came out, they're always so difficult for me to capture.

    1. Thank you so much! It was a lot of effort, but I'm glad I decided to do it, it's made planning coordinates so much easier and I could even do it at work during quieter moments. Socks can be so awkward to photograph well, but after looking through other people's wardrobe posts, I found that they look a lot neater in colour clusters and if you fold them so that they look even length (because oh boy, the differences can be massive).

  2. Lovely! You have such great clothes and accessories that I cannot help but wonder where you get them!


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