Am I Going Goth Now?!

I hope you'll forgive me the slightly clickbaity title. Two videos in one week, since this dress is getting worn tomorrow already, so there was some pressure for me to edit and publish the unboxing video I fimed. This was my first time using Lolita Desu'ss newly opened shopping service and it was absolutely 10/10! Their communication was speedy and to the point, they kept me informed about everything that was happening and the total cots I'd incur, they were able to accommodate me in terms of the customs declaration and, most importantly, their fees were really, really reasonable. When I was doing the costing before placing my order, it genuinely came up to the same price as Chibi Tenshi, but since Lolita Desu charges in JPY rather than USD, I was able to save a little on fluctuating exchange rates since I had enough JPY in my PayPal to pay for the order. I'm already in the middle of another order with them and they are my new go-to shopping service for purchases that are not urgent or rush like new releases etc.

Question remains though: am I going Goth and embracing the Dark Side? I'll tell you next week, after I've worn this beauty out, even though I'm still missing one or two pieces that would really pull together the perfect Gothic Lolita coordinate.



  1. Oooooh pretty! Very keen to see you in a darker style :)

  2. Such a gorgeous dress <3 I'm also a sweet lolita but like to venture into gothic style sometimes.

    1. I think this dress sits with me well because it leans so much into Classic, just in black, and I can do that.

  3. Amazing! This new look is great on you. I need to see more of these!


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