Bank Holiday Shenanigans


Bank Holidays are always a great excuse to plan something nice. It’s even nicer when things work out and your plans are greeted by gorgeous weather, the kind that you actually should have in May: sunny and warm. So while this weather actually made me modify some of my fashion choices, it was great to not have to cover up those carefully planned outfits with jackets!

| Haenuli Whipped Cream Kitty JSK | Metamorphose lucky
pack blouse | Angelic Pretty Drained Cherry OTKs | Cutie
Creator headbow | Two Days Slow hair clip | TPC brooch |
New Look flats | offbrand cardigan |

First on Saturday I went to Sheffield. I actually had some business there to do (venue hunting for the winter ILD I’m organising), but there’s no point taking the train down just for that. So I asked my Mum if she wanted to join me on a trip and we made a day out of it. After sorting out the venue stuff in no time, we were left with a few hours to roam about, soak up the weather and do some light shopping. Very luckily we stumbled upon some sort of a food festival, so there were loads of stalls with delicious looking things for us to try. And later I stumbled upon the best brooch in a charity shop, which I didn’t hesitate to buy.

And then yesterday, on the actual Bank Holiday, I booked myself to go see Mary and the Witch’s Flower. If you haven’t seen it and are a Studio Ghibli fan, then go watch it – this film will satisfy all your needs and wants for a Ghibli-style classic. It had everything: gorgeous animation, moving story, music that just sweeps you away and that touch of something special that only Japanese animated productions have. As I expected something slightly different from the trailers, my coord was actually more of a witch academy uniform than anything else and it ended up working great for the weather. Though I did have to change the socks, OTKs were too much for all that heat we had!

| Song and Tempe Fairytale Library skirt, bow and scrunchie
(shame you can't see it) | Metamorphose lucky pack blouse |
Glasses Lit glasses | New Look flats | offbrand socks |
Metamorphose bag |

What I originally wanted to wear. The OTKs are from
Putomayo, but as comfy as they are, they would've been too warm!

I’m enjoying getting dressed up for no major reason more and more. It means that I get to wear my pieces more often and can keep finding ways of wearing them in a more relaxed, comfortable way, not just the perfectly polished for a fancy meet kind of way. It brings the fun back into fashion. 


  1. Personally I like the last coord with the ankle socks a bit better than with the OTK's. The OTK's gives the coord a heavy feel. It is so nice to see that you dress up for no specific reason, maybe I need to try that to in the future. You looked wonderful in both coords!

    1. Yeah, definitely. The OTKs made it very bottom heavy and with the blouse being the only light thing in the coord, it just seemed off-balance. And I would've genuinely cooked in that, it was that warm. Thank you so much ^_^


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