Take a Coord You Wore in Winter and Re-Coord It for Spring


I wish I could say that winter is definitely behind us now – but I live in the UK, where seasons never get the memo about sticking to a pre-agreed weather plan. Besides, with climate change we’re as likely to get random snowfall in May as we are a heatwave. However, so far so good and I haven’t had to wear fifteen layers just to keep my body temperature stable. This is a perfect opportunity to tempt the fate and restyle an outfit from last winter into something spring-appropriate.

I decided to go with this beige x brown ensemble from December, which I featured in the coord catchup at the beginning of the year. Technically I could wear this outfit in exactly the same way as I did, because all my layers were underneath what you can see – strip a few of those thermal bits and take the cardigan off, and why shouldn’t this work for spring?

But that wouldn’t be much of a challenge or much fun. This skirt doesn’t get to feature here much, since it gets a lot of wear casually, so let’s give it some proper time in the spotlight.

| Metamorphose Sailor Tiered skirt | Axes Femme blouse | Innocent World OrigaOTKs | Innocent World shoes | Haruhi Clover headbow | offbrand beret |
Although on the surface it doesn’t seem that spring-like, the devil’s in the detail. Not only are there fewer layers in this coord, the Axes Femme top is chiffon and very loose (it’s a tent if not tucked into something), allowing air to go through it and cool you down. Also the top is light enough to layer even the thinnest bolero or cardigan over it should it be chilly. It’s a very simple outfit, but that makes it incredibly wearable, doesn’t matter if it’s a meet or if you’re just going out shopping. It’s something you can just throw on and go out. Which is what you want in spring: wait too long and the nice weather is gone.

Of course, as this is a Lolita Blog Carnival prompt, there are other bloggers who have taken part, so make sure to check their outfits too! Any of you here in the opposite thing, going from summer to autumn/winter? How would you do this challenge for your current seasonal shift?

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