10 Day Lolita Challenge
Day 1: Your Favourite Lolita Brand

This is it, people! I have finally edited and uploaded this video. I decided to do the 10 Day Lolita Challenge which was originally posted by Rosalynn on her blog, Lolita Wonderland. I'm hoping that doing something like this will diversify my channel a little bit, which is why this is the only video I'm sharing here. If you want to follow the rest of the series, you'll have to subscribe on YouTube to stay on top of these. Hopefully I will manage to upload a new video from this series every Friday from now for the next 9 weeks, but if other videos appear in the meantime, they might get priority and mess with this schedule. Either way, I hope you like this one and that you'll like the next ones too. If it turns out that people like me talking to the camera about random stuff, then I might do more videos like this in the future.


  1. I already knew you are AP girl. It is been said before.
    I think it is most popular brand and I am not bitten by AP bug yet. I blame my first and only piece from them to vaccinate me against them, as the quality of the bags was terrible at time and I felt a certain pressure to fit in the AP craze. However I think my rare in brands have changed, I used to be huge on btssb and aatp, but now I am more a meta girl. Particular because I enjoy they aren't so trendriding as modern AP is or is in a past like btssb has become. I mean they had a rough past, has the most scandalicious series of all time and anyway survived and turned into a beatifull swan.
    They are imperfect, but not afraid of taking risks, because if they fail, it is just meta. A luxury AP or btssb never had, is the room for faillure, I think that makes Metamorphose relatable, that they have this more human approach and a simple sizing system that does everyone and their mother fit into it.
    If AP is the ideal, meta is the sweet reality with all their prints and adorable solids.
    The only brand that can rival about my heart is Ateiler Pierrot, their pieces are just unfairly beautiful solids and having some incredibly talented shopgirls to coordinate their items.
    But I can't have 25 ballgrowns to wear everyday. Maybe I am just roothing for underdogs.

    1. True, I have said that before.
      That is so well said about AP and BtSSB having grown so big that now they have more room (and probably also fear) of failure. They're both definitely trying to appease their customer base in China, which means that releases are a bit more predictable and they aren't taking many risks. That's the one bit that I'm not keen on with AP. Over the years I've grown to really like and appreciate Meta. At first I wasn't keen because all I could see was what seemed to me at the time as garish colour choices or odd prints. But I have now seen the light and given how Innocent World has been a bit unsteady over the last year or so, if anyone was to beat AP to my personal top spot, it would be Meta.
      I definitely find myself that the more Classic I get, the more I learn to like smaller brands. My recent love is Millefleurs and I really want to give Anges et Demons a go. Atelier Pierrot I keep eyeing, but like you said, they're pretty glam with all those ruffles. I feel though that if they did another floral print in a simpler cut (I once almost bought one on LM, but chickened out), I'd probably go for it.


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