Redo Your Most Recent, Least Favorite Coord


Here’s the deal: so far I’ve worn King Eleven’s Miss Tea’s Delicate Life JSK twice and I’m not fully happy with either outfit. Granted, both times I had to be more practical with my shoe choices, although even with different shoes I feel like both coords weren’t quite as refined as I would’ve liked them to be (which is in big part why I only shared one of them on this blog, the other one I shared only on Amino). I find myself struggling to coord this JSK and thought about selling it, even though the print is still super cute and the cut is actually very flattering for my figure. This prompt might be what will save this dress from leaving my collection!

Paradoxically, I think that what’s been tripping me up when coording this dress is that it’s a sweet print, but done in a much more classic and retro kind of way and cut. This should be second nature to me and yet it took me until now to fully realise what this means. Probably because whilst I got it in ivory, this ivory is much more yellow-toned and with more brown elements, so I can’t quite do my red-white-blue thing. And while obviously I knew it was more brown when I bought it and I got it to pair with browns, since none of those I own match this it’s probably best that I stay away from that for the time being, and instead focus on ivories, sax blues and pinks, at least for the time being.

| King Eleven Miss Tea's Delicate Life JSK and bow clip | Magic Tea
Party blouse | Angelic Pretty Ladder Ribbon OTKs | Cutie Creator
headbow and 
wristcuffs | offbrand heels | Angelic Pretty Chess
Chocolate Emblem 
brooch | Madillustration teacup brooch |

Finally I managed to put together a coord that I actually like. It’s still not quite perfect, but I am much happier with this one than the other two. The blues and ivories work well with the print and with this particular blouse I feel like I’m one apron away from a fairytale maid sort of look. Which I would be totally ok with that and is why I picked this particular headbow to accentuate that vibe even further.

Since the print features teacups, there was no way that I wouldn’t pair this with my Madillustration teacup brooch. And the Chess Chocolate Emblem brooch works so well with the whimsical themes on the dress. Part of me feels like I should’ve just used the gold brooch (which is detachable from the ribbon), but I worry that then it might disappear a little and I wanted it to pop a bit more.

The wristcuffs might not be the most perfect colour match, however, the ivory of the dress is pretty yellow-based in real life, so at least they don’t clash. Similarly, whilst the socks and the blouse are just a bit off in terms of matching the dress, they go well with each other, balancing everything overall.

I finally feel excited about having this dress and being able to wear it. I’m not sure when will I find an opportunity to do so, however, whenever that may be I won’t despair at the lack of inspiration. King Eleven is one of the more popular Chinese brands and I have seen other people on social media wear this dress (although everyone seems to know it by a different name – thank you, King Eleven, for not providing an official translation!). Seeing their pretty outfits made me feel even more inadequate, like I wasn’t doing the dress justice like other people were and even regrets that I should’ve gotten a different colourway (this one actually had production changes, which I mentioned when unboxing it). Now I can hopefully lay that to rest.

What’s your most recent, least favourite coord? Is it just that one occasion or was it also a piece that you generally struggle to coordinate? Have you been able to overcome that creative block or are you still working on it? If you’re still stuck, check out the posts from other bloggers for some extra inspiration:



  1. If you are looking for more yellow toned ivory, F+F has a few. I find the yellowtoned ivories harder to find, but as general they work better with my wadrobe as they both match black and brown with deep jeweltones. I would move the chess chocolate brooch up to the neck of the blouse, so I get some brown tied in there.

    1. Good idea with putting the ribbon brooch at the neck, thank you! That would be much nicer and more evenly distributed. I'm not sure how many yellow-toned ivory pieces I might actually need. I have one blouse and could probably muster some leg- and headwear, even if the styles might not work with everything, so I'll probably hold off for now and just coordinate with contrasting colours. It's easier (and cheaper) than trying to match the shades. Thank you for the tip though, I always forget about F+F somehow.


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