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Although I was initially very excited about this Lolita Blog Carnival prompt, when it came to putting a coordinate together I was stumped for a bit. Some people do have a favourite fairy tale they remember very fondly from childhood, but I couldn’t remember one that would stick out more than others. So I went on a little fairy-tale hunting adventure, to find one that would trigger my creative juices flowing – and I did.

The fairy tale I picked is Andersen’s The Swineherd (if you’re unfamiliar with it, Wikipedia has a decent plot summary). As far as I know, it’s not one of his most popular ones and I still remember the day I heard it for the first (and only) time back in school when we had cover teacher for one of the lessons. It stood out to me then and still does: partly because of the whole ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ moral, and partly because even as a child the humiliation the princess was treated to made me a little bit uncomfortable. But this isn’t a fairy tale analysis post – it’s a coordinate one, so let’s get to that!

| BtSSB Full of Stars "Bright Starry Night" JSK I | BtSSB Chiffon Princess Dress blouse | AatP Sheherazade headddress | AatP Arabesque OTKs | Innocent World shoes | Angelic Pretty Rose Princess wrist cuffs | Innocent World Moon and Star necklace | Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival ring | Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Emblem brooch |

As you can tell, the outfit is inspired by the princess herself. She was vain and cared more about material possessions than emotions or sentiments. This is the stereotypical essence of a brand whore – at least when that term first started, as since then many reclaimed it and it’s less of an insult than it was at first. This coordinate is composed entirely out of items from major Japanese brands. Even though I have some gorgeous indie and offbrand pieces, particularly accessories, that would make the outfit pop and be a little bit more polished, the stereotypical brand whore only cares about labels – just like the princess cared about things – so I stuck to that.

It's all about dem labels if you're a brand whore, right?
Whilst I could make a sweet all-brand coordinate, as well as a more toned down classic one, they would not be as princess as this. Wine red was always a royal colour, so it’s only fit that I use it for a princess coordinate.

Personally I'd probably go with my pearl and red rose bracelets instead of wrist cuffs. But the princess from The Swineherd would scoff at the mere idea of something handmade (or plastic pearls).
As well as labels, brand whores were typically also very strict about the lolita rules. Normally I wouldn’t have done wrist cuffs with long sleeves, even princess ones, however I felt like this was more accurate to what a brand whore would have done. As well as it would genuinely help keep those flouncy sleeves pristine and out of anything that could get them dirty.

Princess sleeves for a princess coordinate.
The only drawback to this coordinate is that for my taste it’s a little plain. That’s because the majority of accessories I have from major Japanese brands are in different colours and primarily sweet in style. I find that for classic looks there are so many elaborate pieces to be found elsewhere – from independent makers, antique shops and sometimes even regular high street shops when mainstream fashion trends align – that I don’t buy classic jewellery from Japanese brands. A string of pearls and some rings would obviously tie in the princess vibes a bit better, but I decided to make the vanity and attachment to material things more of a focus of this outfit.

Also, not sure if you can tell, but I have a new phone with a miles better camera. Finally all the details are crisp!

Is there a fairy tale that you would like to take as inspiration for a coordinate? Would you go the same niche and metaphorical route as I have or would you go with a more obvious inspiration or connection? As always, make sure to check out what the other participating bloggers have created – I know I sure am looking forward to seeing their creations!


  1. I really like the thought process behind this coord, makes a lot of sense to me! And the coord is super pretty ^__^

    1. Thank you. As soon as I remembered the story, the whole idea of a lolita brand whore really resonated with me.


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