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This weekend I felt like dressing up. Even though the weather was cold and dreary (again), even though I wasn’t doing anything that special, even though I had no real idea purpose to dress up for. However, I was leaving the house on a Saturday and while it was not for a meet, it would’ve just been weird to do that not in lolita.

| Metamorphose Classical Sister OP | Angelic Pretty Brigitte Regimen OTKs | Hush Puppies boots | After Midnight beret |

I don't even consider this necklace an accessory since it's what I wear every day. For anyone wondering, it's a little kitty shaped to look like it's holding on to the chain.

My original plan was slightly more elaborate – it changed as the weather was not playing game that day (i.e. it went from ‘it will be dry’ to ‘it most definitely will not’). So I took this as an opportunity to wear my Classical Sister OP properly. Eliminating the need to actually coordinate was quite freeing and made dressing up easier. Plus, this dress is a little longer and relatively thick, so a thin camisole underneath and a jacket was all I needed to stay warm. Simple hair, simple makeup (it is there, I just focused on face more than the rest), grab a bag and I was ready to go!

My plan for Saturday was seeing Detective Pikachu at the cinema. With all these films I want to see I actually bought myself a cinema membership, so there may be more cinema trips in lolita happening over the next 12 months (and there really are a lot of films I have my eyes on). Of course, I couldn’t just go to see Detective Pikachu without representing the Pokemon a little too, so I took my Pika-tumbler that I bought at Pokemon Café and got an iced tea from Starbucks for the film. (They had stopped selling my favourite mango black tea lemonade for now, so I had peach citrus tea, which was also lovely.)

Normally I don't like peach flavoured iced tea, but this one was nice. And I enjoyed getting 25p
off for bringing my own tumbler. Will have to remember to do that more often!
If you haven’t seen the film yet and were thinking about it, I definitely recommend it. I remember when the first trailer came out and I was weirded out by the choice of Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu’s voice, although it grew on me the closer we got to the premiere and the more of everything else we saw. Not only does this choice make sense in the film – the banter between Pikachu and Tim was a little bit more fun thanks to it. The animators did a fabulous job and all the Pokemon look realistic, whilst still just like the cartoon versions (and yes, that was a dig at the design choices for Sonic the Hedgehog). The story is cute and I think you will find something in there to enjoy.

After the film my plan was to buy myself a new mobile phone. My current one is literally dying on me and I want something with a (much) better camera. What’s more, I decided to be sensible and having finally sold my British Crown OP, I used the money from that to partially fund that purchase. My original plan was to sell that OP and then buy the JSK – or another dress I liked – but a new mobile phone was a much more pressing need, plus I’m not quite so sure as to whether I really want the British Crown JSK. Better to wait on this and see. In the meantime though, unfortunately, the mobile phone I decided to get proved to be much more popular than I anticipated and was sold out in store. All I could do was place an order to collect on Monday (which I did) and to cheer myself up a little, having really anticipated getting that phone straight away, I treated myself to a Burger King.

Like a stereotypical lolita after a meet, I looked to fast food chains for something more substantial than just tea.

Like I said, with my cinema membership there will definitely be more times when I dress up to see a film. I would like to build my confidence to the point where I wouldn’t just pick whatever stands out least from the crowd, but would wear whatever I actually fancied, whether it was quite bold or not. Although I’m ok dressing in lolita on my own and to work, I noticed that when I am on my own, especially where I live, I tend to stick to solids or pieces that could be mistaken for cute/quirky vintage fashion. I own way too many dresses and way too many prints to have to wait for meets to wear them out.

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