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A lolita photoshoot was on my bucket list for a long time. However, because I never knew how to go about organising one or had the money for it, or even had an idea for one, it just wasn’t high priority. And then, as if by fate’s hand, things aligned the right way and CLAM had a photoshoot meet to help a good photographer build his portfolio. As you can imagine, I was very eager to join in on that!

| Metamorphose Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK | Bodyline L581 blouse | Triple Fortune bonnet | Angelic Pretty Lovely Ribbon OTKs | Sosic Shop heels | Peacockalorum underskirt | Promised Land Creations brooch | Innocent World gloves | vintage necklace | offbrand earrings | Brightlele wig |

I really like how my eye makeup turned out. Despite it being pretty simple, I learned a lot and would love to do an improved version on it sometime soon.

At first I had absolutely zero idea on what to wear. Recently I’ve found myself needing a bit more time to find some outfit inspiration and stricter/more specific prompts help me more than the open ended and vague ones. But as everyone else declared that they’d wear something a bit more on the OTT side, I took this as an opportunity to wear this. The first idea for this outfit dates back to exactly two years ago. Coincidentally, it’s also almost two years since I bought this Triple Fortune bonnet and never found it in me to wear it (because 50 shades of sax is a realthing). So enough was enough, I’ve given the outfit a quick update and polish, and off I went!

It feels like a long time since I went to a meet in Manchester without something negative happening – when it’s not street paparazzi, it’s public transport issues. Yet last Saturday was blissfully uneventful, as well as pleasantly mild, which made for a great meet day. True, it helped that we hired a studio for the afternoon, which was in the opposite direction as city centre (albeit that was a rough looking part of town), so we were hidden away for most of the time. Still, even the interactions with the public I did have were positive: one lady asked me whether my outfit was part of a promotion (that’s a new one for me in the book of ‘Daft Questions from the Public’ – but she wasn’t mean or patronising anyway, so it was just amusing) and another, seeing my Innocent World bag with a gigantic logo on it, complimented it and then said that she had an AP bag – then dashed off for her train. You can’t just make a comment like this and then leave, lady, we want some answers too!

This is the bag I meant. I have been reliving my youth by reading the trashy romance novels I
used to love back then. And let's face it, I still love them, I'm just a bit more experienced now
and can look at them critically, whilst enjoying them. Cover matching to my outfit 100% unintentional.

And the photoshoot itself was so much fun. The studio had a little lounge/changing room area and the photo one, all fully equipped. It was nice to relax and chat with everyone else, whilst other people were getting their pictures taken. The Eurovision final dominated the conversation, but as always, we touched on so many topics, from upcoming events and other meet ideas to work life woes and how men are trash.

Plenty of mirrors and even a covered changing room area.

I am obsessed with my new phone, but also with this mirror. Would love to see it with the light bulbs in.

There were 10 of us plus the photographer, which brought the cost of hiring the studio down to like £3.50/person. That's more than reasonable for both the professional setup and being away from street paparazzi of Manchester.

Being in front of the camera with nothing but the backdrop was a little intimidating at first. I personally like props and backgrounds with things I can interact with, as it helps me pose when I run out of go-to’s. However, the photographer was incredibly lovely, it was very easy to relax in his presence and to work together. Which is all the better because prior to coming to this meet I had messaged him about coming to another event I’m organising. He was recommended by one of CLAM mods and I have seen his work before, but it’s always better when you can meet the person and see the way they work.

Meanwhile, enjoy me playing with my phone's portrait mode. I'll have to fiddle with it some
more, but I already love how great this looks. And by the way, none of the pictures here are
filtered! Just look how clearly that blush is visible - I would've had to put tonnes to see any on
my old phone camera!

The photographs are still being edited, so I can’t share any yet. Once they are ready, they will most likely be shared on Instagram, so keep an eye out there. Hopefully this won’t be my last professional photoshoot either!

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