Dalao Home: Wig Unboxing, Try-on and Review


Not that long ago I was in a very strong mood to spend. Have you ever had that? When your wallet is itching so much and you really want to buy something (even though you probably shouldn’t)? Despite trawling through literally all pages of AP and Metamorphose on Mercari that day, I did not find a single thing to buy. Up until a thread in one of my comms reminded me about this wig shop I kind of wanted to check out.

My intention was only to look through, maybe get one or two wigs. I’d seen them two people were theirs, so knew that they would look lovely. But upon seeing how lovely all the designs were – and crucially, how cheap they were – I indulged and impulse bought five. I also used a new (to me) shopping service, so let’s start off with a quick review of that.

Shopping Service: Superbuy

I have not heard of them at all up until someone on the Lolita Amino mentioned them. The key phrase that piqued my interest was that Superbuy does not charge any shopping service fees – you only pay for your items and postage. It seemed too good to be true, so I had to try it out.

And it was true. I placed and paid for my order on May 29th, paying only for the items and domestic postage. On Saturday June 1st I received notification that everything arrived at their warehouse and Superbuy provided me with quick pictures of my items to confirm. I paid that same evening (which would’ve been June 2nd in China) for international postage and received my order on Friday June 7th. Which I did not expect because: a) the postage option I picked said up to 15 working days delivery; and b) I never received notification that the order was shipped.

This is the only negative thing I have to say about Superbuy. While I was fully expecting this order to arrive much later than it did, a quick update to say that it was posted would’ve been nice. I’m not sure whether that’s a mistake on their part or a conscious decision – though I imagine that if I messaged them to ask, they’d tell me, as otherwise their communication was very prompt.

As such I would rate Superbuy at 4.5/5 – I am absolutely delighted with the service I got and intend to continue using them in the future (every saving helps!). If in the future they start to issue shipment notifications, this will probably jump up to full marks.

Dalao Home wigs

Now let’s get onto the wigs themselves. They all arrived packaged in standard wig boxes with a little see-through window in the corner. Dalao Home’s branding is subtle, just gold lettering on a white box, which I quite appreciate. It creates an aura of luxury – which is what you’re about to get, to be honest!

Simple and practical design.

Starting off with the half-wig. I bought it with lazy days in mind or potentially to tease it into a hime bump. It was available in natural black, brown black or mocha brown and I ordered the latter. The colour in real life looks darker than on the stock photo, though it’s still a natural-looking lovely warm shade of dark brown. While it’s darker than my natural hair colour, it matches my Brightlele clip-on fringe pretty well (and that in turn always gets mistaken for my own hair), so I’m optimistic about being able to make it work. The hair fibres are silky smooth, which makes you want to stroke them forever – only my Lockshop wig ever made me feel this way. The half wig arrived with two spare comb wefts in case you needed a replacement. Some instructions on how to wear a half wig would’ve been nice, although there are some pictures on the listing page. It will take me a little while to figure out how to do that, but I think it won’t be too hard to figure out. The worn picture here is with my clip-on fringe and you can see my unsuccessful attempt at hiding the wig-line, though as far as the hair itself goes, it looks really natural. FYI, all of the pictures were taken indoors with additional lighting from a ring light.

This is the more accurate colour representation, although it probably is a little darker than that.

Even up close with lighting the wig doesn't look very shiny.

Plenty of wefts to securely attach it and they included some spares.

This is what it looks like with my clip-on fringe. While not a 100% exact colour match, the
two look like they belong together. Once I figure out a better way of  attaching this to my
head, I think it will be a great addition and will make many other styles possible.

Next is Miss Becky, a long wavy black wig with centre parting. I thought that a black wig would be good when doing gothic, as well as for some other looks, plus I know what I look like with black hair. Again, the hair fibres are incredibly soft and silky smooth, they brushed as easily as real hair would without catching or tangling. The colour is natural black, by which they mean natural for someone of East Asian heritage. There is no black sheen, like some black dyes can leave, nor a brown one, like some South Asian hair can have, it’s just black. This style does not have a fringe, although there are a few slightly shorter strands that could frame the face. This wig, and all of Dalao Home’s full wigs, have this fake scalp where the parting is, which makes them more realistic-looking. The wig cap itself is also pretty comfortable, it stretched easily and I think I could comfortably wear it all day without a headache (though that remains to be tested).

True black, it's incredibly elegant.

Though of course sometimes the lighting does affect it a little.

It's been a long time since I had black hair, so this will take some getting used to.
And possibly extra styling.

Next wig, Eudora, might actually be my favourite. It’s a cute and playful short style, which I bought for lazy days: a literal put it on and go. It comes in several colours: linen grey, honey pudding, natural black, rose ash and deep chestnut, of which black and rose ash are sold out now. Mine is the honey pudding one and it’s a lovely warm-toned brown, slightly on the lighter side. This one feels very similar to my Lockshop Daisy wig – it’s super soft and really bouncy, you can brush through the curls and brush and they spring back to life. Unlike Daisy, however, this one (and all the other Dalao Home wigs I got) has a thinner fringe. I’ve noticed that a less thick fringe is quite a popular look in East Asia at the moment, so it could just be reflecting that, although it also looks a little bit more natural, in my opinion. At first I thought that the fringe length might actually be perfect as it was, but when I put it on, it was firmly in my eyes, so it will need a trim (on the worn photo I pulled it as far back as I needed to achieve the look). Still, it’s super cute and I absolutely love it!

The colour definitely is a honey brown kind, it's really pretty.

Look at that fake scalp. It's such a tiny detail, yet makes such a big difference.

These are some of the softest curls ever!

This is easily my favourite of the lot and once I trim the fringe, I think it will get a lot of wear.

Anlya was one of the wigs I sort of anticipated myself buying. The only blonde wig I have is the Brightlele one, but not every look requires such tight, fluffy curls (plus after being worn last it needs some TLC). This one is much more elegant and princessy almost. It comes in flax/linen white, soft powder (pink), bordeaux red and platinum, and I got the flax one. It’s always hard to decide whether a shade of blonde will flatter you or not, at least I really struggle with that, so I’m happy to report that I like myself in this colour. The first thing I noticed when taking it out is that this shade is achieved by mixing a few different shades, from basically white to quite peachy blonde. It results in a very natural look, which I really like. Again, we have the fake scalp, the wispy fringe (it only looks thicker because the colour blends in with my skin in this lighting) and the desire to never stop touching and brushing this wig because it feels this nice.

Anlya is a long wig, so it was awkward to get a good picture of her.

This is probably a bit more flattering and a good representation of the colour.

Again, that fake scalp.

Here you can see the individual colours a little bit better.

I did not expect such a light shade to look this well on me, I really like it.

Last but not least is this ringlet wig, which is the girl/lolita/princess one in this his and hers set. They both come in the same colour, linen white gold, so the only difference is masculine or feminine hairstyle. It’s a really cute idea and a great way to get couple’s costumes to match! As I’m not massively into oldschool lolita, I didn’t anticipate myself getting a ringlet wig, though at Dalao Home’s price I gave in just in case I do ever need that. Plus, you can use a blonde ringlet hairstyle in other looks too. The ringlets on this one are much softer, not quite as tight and high up as your typical oldschool ringlet wigs are, but a bit more modern, softer and looser. This is the only wig I did not dare to brush out for the photo either. The curls are lovely and bouncy and the colour is again a mixture of a few different shades to create a more natural look. Although it is a little bit more yellow-toned than Anlya, it’s not quite as yellow as it looks on the worn photo – that’s more to do with my lighting and the colours I was wearing. This one also felt like it had the longest fringe, I had to pull the wig really far back and even then it was annoyingly in my eyes, so this one will have to be trimmed.

Of the three wigs with fringes, this one is probably the longest, it needs a trim. 

The curls are soft and bouncy. I didn't dare to brush them here, although maybe if I brushed
them individually, it would be alright? Opinions/suggestions welcome.

The more yellow-toned hue will probably work better on me with different makeup and coord.

Final words

I am in love with the quality of all of these wigs. Dalao Home truly delivered some wonderful styles and colours, and even though I do like using my natural hair in lolita, their wigs inspire me to get more and to play around with wigs a bit more too. And the best thing about them is that you get all of that gorgeousness, which again I would compare to Lockshop, for a fraction of the price. For all of these wigs (plus a wig stand and domestic postage) I paid just shy of £40. Except for the half-wig and Anlya, they were all 58.80 CNY, which at the time was approximately £6 and some change. Anlya was the most expensive one of the lot at 62.80 CNY (nearer to £7 and some change), while the half wig was 42.80 CNY (just under £5). At that price it’s very hard to say no to more. While I personally am yet to wear these out, they were very comfortable when tried on and from friends who already own some I heard that these don’t tangle as easily as some other wigs, making them easier to maintain. And if that’s the case, then I have found my own holy grail of wigs.

I’ve put basically the same information into an unboxing/review video, which you can check out here. There you can see these wigs a bit more in action, how they move and look in a bit more natural lighting, so do give it a watch.

I hope that this review was useful and that many more of you wig-wearing people will now see the light and support the amazing store that is Dalao Home.


  1. I wondered what wigs you bought that fateful day! Thanks for reviewing them, I always get a bit nervous about the quality of wig shops I've not bought from before or seen in real life.
    I might be the next to shop wigs...

    1. Same, wigs are such a hit and miss. But now I can also say that wearing it for a full day was very comfortable too, no wig pain or anything!

  2. Oh my goodness....I think I need to go buy some wigs now, these are all so good! And I love how much they literally all suit you :)

    1. Thank you! When they cost this little, it's less painful to give in to temptation ;)

  3. I really like the Eudora one! That's super cute!

    That's also really good to know about superbuy. I always wonder how they make money though with shopping services like that, like is there a secret fee in the shipping or something? XD

    1. Eudora is so easy to wear, it doesn't need any additional styling, it's ready to go from the moment it's out of the bag.

      I'm still not quite sure how they manage that. They are offering some sort of membership, but that can't be how they make enough money to cover everyone's fees, surely! Though as long as it works, I won't prod it too much.

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  5. I'm so happy I finally found this blog post. I have been looking for this wig shop on taobao and was having zero luck. I am so excited to try their wigs. Thank you so much for writing this!

    1. I'm glad that you were able to find it after all. Enjoy your shopping on there, Lord only knows there are some amazing wigs on Dalao Home!


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