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White and cream pieces always seem the most versatile to me. Four outfits could never even come close to exhausting the list of coordinating possibilities. This means that whenever I do one of these posts with a white piece, you’re only getting a snapshot of what I was in the mood for when taking the pictures. And it seems that when I was coordinating Alice and the Pirates’ Rosier Fleur JSK, I was in a mood for elegant things – and, unlike myself, not really in the mood for much colour.

Look 1: Queen of the Damned

| Haenuli x I Do Declare blouse | Putomayo Celestial Light OTKs | offbrand heels | Puvithel Crystal Heart necklace | After Midnight headband | handmade (not by me) hair clip |
No relation to the film whatsoever. I just feel like this isn’t quite enough to call it proper goth or vampire, but this outfit certainly has a darker feel than most. This blouse is also a nightmare to use in a flatlay, so unless I’m really feeling it, I will probably avoid using it in flatlays in the future.

Look 2: Simple Country

| Innocent World bolero | BtSSB Antique Ribbon shoes | Tutuanna socks | Cutie Creator hat and wrist cuffs | Peppermint Fox brooch |
This was the last coord I photographed and I noticed that it currently being autumn has really influenced my choices. So as the dress is very lightweight, I wanted to showcase that it can be worn in the summer too, which naturally led to a country look. Although I have something sweeter in my mind to try out another time…

Look 3: Elegant White Goth

| offbrand cutsew | Atelier Boz Roland coat | AatP Arabesque OTKs | Hush Puppies boots | Claire's flower clips | Enchanted Dream Wear necklace |
I love the look of gothic looks all in white. I find these incredibly elegant and timeless. Whilst I’m not 100% happy with this one, I feel like I’m not far off that simple, streamlined look that I admire so much. It’s all about having the right pieces here and hopefully by the time this would ever be worn I will obtain a more suitable hair accessory.

Look 4: Classic Princess

| BtSSB Chiffon Princess blouse | Violet Fane tights | Sosic Shop heels | Cutie Creator headbow | offbrand flowe clips and jewellery |
This one started because I really wanted to use my Violet Fane tights. Once I noticed that the tights and dress were very different shades of cream, it inspired me to do that more quirky/mismatched kind of classic and in a funny way I feel like it works? Maybe it’s the frames and the cameos, but something about this makes me feel a little nostalgic and like this is a walk down memory lane.

Of course, I could’ve done more colourful looks, but isn’t that a bit obvious? Whilst working with a limited colour palette can be a great challenge (which I’ve tried for example in the monochrome outfit prompt from the Around Your Wardrobe in 30 Coordinates challenge), these coords really happened very naturally, through mere decisions of wanting to use that piece over another one. And in fact against all these cream/white looks the first one with red now feels super jarring.

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