Strike a Pose Day 1


Ooof, we’re a full week after Strike a Pose and I’m only just getting round to writing about it. Not only were the post event-blues real, real life has also demanded a lot of my attention. Next time I’ll have to plan my time better so that I do get that one full (or mostly full) day at home to recover from the event. Although as I write that, I know that it already won’t happen. But anyhow!

| AatP Rosier Fleur JSK | Infanta overblouse | AatP Arabesque OTKs | Sosic Shop heels | Triple Fortune bonnet | handmade sash | Promised Land Creations brooch | Angelic Pretty brooch (pinned at the sash, so not visible here) | vintage gloves | Angelic Pretty wrist cuffs |

I am super proud of how good I've gotten at doing this basic makeup quickly. Also, despite all the tutorials on how to make sure your Triple Fortune bonnet stays, mine still didn't. I guess you can have either silky smooth hair or a bonnet in place...

After several international lolita events I have learnt that Saturday is usually the more intensive day filled with shopping and generally being on your feet. I was also very lucky to be chosen to model, so I needed a simpler, more comfortable outfit for the day. I decided to create one around my Triple Fortune bonnet, as they were one of the main guests, and the rest flowed really smoothly. I love the fit of this JSK and you can’t go wrong with an all-ivory outfit with pops of colour. It’s a shame that I didn’t manage a full outfit shot before I had the fashion show makeup applied, as that altered the feel of my coord (from definitely classic to leaning more gothic or at least slightly creepy), but at least it was preserved in a selfie.

The day was off to an early start, as I had to arrive at the venue earlier for the modelling practice. At times like this I’m grateful for my work requiring 6am starts, as it makes getting ready for things like this easier. I got ready (including breakfast and selfies) in good time and luckily the weather cleared up enough so that my friends, who were guests and vendors at the event, and I could get to the venue on foot. The practice went smoothly and perfectly to schedule, I had half of my fashion show makeup applied already and then we were asked to wait outside for the official event start. It’s nothing unusual, the same had happened during Dream Masquerade Carnival, and I got talking to some of the other models, which made time fly.

Waiting to be let in.

A pink sparkly alcoholic drink as a welcome? Thank you very much, don't mind if I do.

Once allowed in, we each received a tote bag filled with goodies, including a token for a free drink on top of the welcome glass of pink sparkling wine. I took advantage of being one of the first ones in and went to the Angelic Pretty booth first, before the crowds gathered there, but I was disappointed with the selection. Having heard that AP Paris brought 6 suitcases worth of goods, and knowing that they were only in on that one day, I had expected a bit more. At the very least for them to have the Guardian Unicorn series, as I wanted to have a look at the socks from that. As it stood, I (eventually) bought a pair of short ankle socks that I almost purchased when they were released but hesitated. To be honest, I hesitated at the event, but I needed change and since they are something that I could and would use, then why not. The treat yo’self mentality had kicked in.

On top of this AP had two (or maybe three) rails loosely filled with clothing. I mean, there were plenty of small bits for people to get, I guess my wardrobe is just too full with similar things which is why I wasn't keen. (Though I did almost buy the matching Fancy Crepe ring and resisted, I feel proud of myself!)

They are so beautiful - just not in the colours I need.

After a quick glance at the Triple Fortune stall to check which colours of bonnets they brought (none that I needed) and at Summer Tales Boutique, I headed upstairs where Violet Fane and Lady Sloth, the other two guests and vendors, were. That’s where I bought the most overall during the event. You clearly can’t stop a girl from buying brooches, as I ended up getting four more (though two were a set). By that point the last of my friends, whom I was sharing the AirBnB with, had arrived, so I went down to join her and we hung out for a bit then, observing the official event opening.

Although I remember the day as quite busy, thinking back on it now I think that this was due to my modelling. What I’m saying is that with only five vendor stalls and the weather playing up all day, once you’ve done your shopping all that was left to do was wait for the various bits of the programme, take pictures and socialise. The space wasn’t ideal for the latter, as the seating area was set to fit the fashion show first and foremost, while the other seating area was simply very small. Still, there were lots of gaps between the various events during the day and it wasn’t packed to the brim, so it was still possible to catch a break here and there. It’s always great when the event is not overcrowded.

They are coming in!

But even once everyone was in, the space wasn't too crowded, which is much appreciated.

The opening speech with all the organisers.

What I would say could do with improving was food. In the opening, the organisers announced food as ‘three courses’, however, it’d be more accurate to call the spread ‘three types of snacks’. I managed to grab a brownie (fairly chunky, clearly baked in a big muffin tin) right before having to change for the show (thankfully someone saved me with a napkin), I managed to grab the very last mini pizza after the show and skipped the lemon tarts. I brought a small granola bar with me, anticipating needing a snack, but this still was not a lot of food between breakfast at 6-something-am and evening when I finally ate a proper meal. The venue was located in a neighbourhood with only a couple of food places nearby and there was no break in the programme to allow for lunch. Some of my friends have also mentioned that they never got some of the snacks provided, as these were served by waiting staff on trays, but said staff either never went to some areas (e.g. the upstairs) or that they were out by the time they came round. Having more food (physically the volume of it) and potentially more waiting staff, or more filling food, or allowing a lunch break during the day, would’ve gone a long way to improve that situation.

Still, temporarily satisfied with a brownie and some water, I went off to change into my fashion show outfit. I was very lucky to be chosen by Triple Fortune and it was clear from the outfits they selected for me that they really have looked at my application quite carefully. The dress I was put in fitted both my general style and my features - had it not been basically floor length and utterly impractical for most occasions, I would very seriously contemplate getting it. (It wasn’t available for sale at the event though, which also helped save my wallet.)

That and, well, had we not gotten off to a bad start with this dress. I will let you in on a little secret - I managed to break the zip. After struggling with it for a bit, since it was an invisible zipper, I managed to do it up, turned around to focus on my corset lacing and the zipper just split. In a way, I’m glad it was me this has happened to because some experiences from the Dream Masquerade Carnival fashion show allowed me to stay calm, whereas some others would’ve panicked (and I did notice some people around me looking horrified even though it was my dress that broke). Babi and Kaie quickly came to the rescue with some safety pins, did what they could and asked me to keep my arm by my side to cover that up. As far as I know, nobody noticed (thankfully I had very large bell sleeves), so it all worked out well. Everyone finished getting ready, then we went off to strut all that gorgeous stuff down the runway. The terrible blogger that I am, I have exactly zero fashion show photos as of now, so I’m afraid that I can’t show you anything. Once some are released, I will add an update, but also keep an eye on Wunderwelt Libre, as once the official photos are released, I will include some in the event report there.

Changing back felt much quicker than changing in, and in no time I was back out with my friends, roaming the venue a bit more for some outfit pics and general chatter. We got into the Angelic Pretty quiz, where I was eliminated about halfway, while my friend lasted all the way until the final shootout round (and she wore BtSSB, the heathen!), glimpsed the design competition (congratulations to the winner) and stayed through the Q&A with the Western brands in attendance. Somewhere between these bits I have met a lovely reader (hello! It’s a shame we didn’t get to talk more, hopefully there will still be a chance to do so in the future) and then it was onto best dresser, raffle and the closing of the event.

The winning design was flamingo themed.

Western Brands Q&A featuring Lady Sloth, Violet Fane and Summer Tales Boutique.

It’s interesting how things can sometimes seem different in the moment versus in retrospect. During the day, especially towards the end, my thoughts were clouded by hunger and tiredness (maybe a bit of dehydration too, despite best efforts). This probably made me a bit more judgemental at times than I otherwise would have been. So while on the day I know I grumbled a bit, the organisers have done a great job in ensuring the event ran smoothly. The addition of the Angelic Pretty quiz and the design competition were a fun bit of ‘something different’, I enjoyed the Western brands panel and things flew from one point of the programme to another. As I said, having more food (or more filling food) would’ve helped immensely with our general wellbeing as attendees and I have no doubts that this is something that has already been taken into consideration.

Overall, Strike a Pose day one was a success and I had a very good time. Big thank you to Summer Tales Boutique and all the organisers for their hard work, as well as to Triple Fortune for the honour of selecting me as their model. If I didn’t love Babi and Kaie already, I would’ve fallen in love with them then. And I can hand on heart say that the Dutch lolitas are incredibly lovely, wish that Id gotten to know you better. So I guess this is me leaving the door open to attending another event at some point in the future...


  1. Wow, I had no idea you were at Strike A Pose too!! I would've loved to say hello!

    1. There were so many people at the event, it was hard sometimes to find a moment for everything. If you ever come to another event or if I come to the Netherlands again, I'm sure we'll bump into each other :)


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