Re-Coord an Outfit for a Change of Seasons

Change of seasons doesn’t have to mean that you can’t re-wear certain outfits. Whilst some coordinates will be very seasonal, others can be easily adjusted to work with your current season’s weather. In this week’s Lolita Blog Carnival prompt we are looking at re-coordinating a previously worn outfit to reflect that.

For mine I’ve picked the outfit I wore on Easter Monday this year. Firstly, it’s a dress that I’ve not work a lot yet as it’s still pretty new to me, and secondly - that was a very hot Easter Monday. The UK doesn’t get heatwaves very often, which means that wearing lolita and heatwaves don’t always get to exist together. At the moment the weather is still pretty mild, certainly on the ‘needs layers’ side of autumn, but not very cold. This outfit could easily be adapted to the season and probably in more ways than one. Below is just one of them.

| AatP Side Frill JSK | Infanta Swan Lake blouse | Violet Fane Antiquite tights | Innocent World shoes | After midnight beret | Imperial Fiddlesticks headbow | offbrand brooches |

My main goal was to keep the outfit as similar to the original one as possible to show that it’s a rehash and not a completely new thing. I probably could get away with just throwing a bolero over the original short sleeve blouse, but I felt that the softness of ivory/cream colours worked better with the dress and the season than the stark white. The shoes and the bow pin placement are (mostly) as they were back in April.

I am so glad that I got the Imperial Fiddlesticks headbows when I did, they are both versatile and comfortable.

I decided to swap the original wine red headbow for a beret and bow combination. The new headbow is from the same indie brand as the original, which means the same shape and style reflecting the original outfit. A singular hair accessory was preferable for the hot weather back then, whereas with the cooler weather now a beret not only adds some warmth, but stabilises the headbow a little during windy spells.

They look so lovely against the rich burgundy colour of the dress.

Similarly, the Easter heatwave didn’t exactly inspire to add accessories, which I rectified now. A cameo brooch is a classic that goes with basically anything and here also ties in with the tights. The rose one is there for extra pizzaz and to reflect the rose pattern of the dress fabric. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I didn’t include any brooches back in April. Feels so unlike me…

This particular detail really caught my eye as I was taking the detail pictures.

With cooler weather it’s time to pack away the ankle socks. Tights are much better at keeping me warm and I am ever so slightly obsessed with these Violet Fane ones (even though I’ve not worn them yet). They look gorgeous and there’s something quintessentially classic about the look of a solid colour dress with busy(ish) print tights.

Altogether this came out as an outfit that I’d love to wear, probably even more so than the original one. Granted, with this particular dress flatlays can be a little deceiving, as the halterneck sits differently on a bed vs on me. Though on the other hand, the volume of that skirt somehow looks more impressive here than when I wore it (even though I remember having to make my hoop a little smaller back in April to avoid the overstuffed look). Still, this coord came out more exciting than I anticipated it to be and I might have to find an excuse to wear it. Ideally whilst it’s still autumn, because the colours do give me that lovely autumnal vibe.

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