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Neither spooky nor Halloween themed are my forte. I do, however, have a Halloween meet planned for later this month, so why not use this week’s Lolita Blog Carnival prompt to plan my outfit?

| Haenuli Just One Bite JSK | offbrand blouse | Innocent World Shanti OTKs | Hush Puppies boots | Ruha Garden headband | offbrand apple decoration | Puvithel Crystal Heart necklace | Innocent World Strawberry Fields wrist cuffs | Violet Fane brooch | offbrand brooch |

I’ve been saving Just One Bite for the Halloween meet, so of course the outfit had to be with this particular dress. As for everything else, I’m not sure whether it’d be more appropriate to call this the Evil Queen or Gothy Snow White. Suffice to say that I am running with the theme of the print as the outfit’s inspiration.

The three bits of grey in one picture.

Definitely wanted to run with grey and red as my colours. Despite not having that much grey, I hope that between this blouse, the pattern on the socks and the print it’s enough to work.

Focus on the roses, not the strawberry bow.

In absence of grey or black wrist cuffs, I went with these ones. They’re a little less flashy than my AP ones and although they’re strawberry themed, that’s not that obvious so I thought they’d work. Plus, the lace has roses on it, which matches both the rose jacquard pattern of the dress and the motif on the socks.

This should look quite nice when worn.

The headpiece is my Ruha Garden floral headband with a literal Christma ornament added in. I still need to glue an actual hair clip onto it, but that won’t take long.

I mean, can you really go that wrong with this necklace?
Whilst a shame that I don’t own any apple jewellery, this Puvithel necklace is timeless enough to work with such a dark outfit. It’s true that a silver one would probably match the greys a bit better, but we can’t have everything.

Subtle yet to the point.
As for brooches (because how could I not add any brooches), I went with a black offbrand one for extra sparkle and this Violet Fane one for theme. These bottles could be medicines, but also poisons, so it seemed like a nice, subtle way of hinting that the apple is poisoned. Which I guess would make the coord more Evil Queen after all.

Do you have any Halloween meetups planned? Or spooky/Halloween themed outfits? Or are you a 24/7 goth who lives Halloween all year round? If you have any suggestions on how to improve this outfit, I’m all ears, there’s still a little bit of time before the meetup, so I should be able to make the changes. And don’t forget to check out what other bloggers taking part in this week’s prompt have put together!

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