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Some time ago, when writing about Lolita trends I couldn’t get into, I said that I’d write about styles I couldn’t wear as well. Today is that day, so without further ado, here are the 3 Lolita styles that you won't see me wearing.

Taken from Reinodemorango.blogspot.com
First of all, I don’t like horror or anything that’s even vaguely related. It’s an ideological conflict that we have (put simply, I believe that the world is scary enough as it is, therefore I don’t see the point of actively seeking means of escapism whose primary goal is to scare me), but also something where I don’t see anything visually appealing, with a slight exception of the Bride of Frankenstein’s hair. And because I view Guro Lolita as a style which takes most of its inspiration from horror, it was doomed for me from the start. I don’t see the appeal of being covered in blood, which is the predominant theme there, nor showing varying degrees of decomposition that some who take the style further sport. Besides, what I love in Lolita the most are the prints – no chance that a plain white-but-for-the-blood dress, even with the classic Lolita silhouette, would ever make its way to my list of Loli-likes.


Taken from FYeahLolita.blogspot.com
Now, I’ve nothing against the aesthetic of casual Lolita as such. It’s actually not that easy to pinpoint what is meant exactly by “casual”, as that can be different from person to person, there’s no rule that, for example, a salopette and a cutsew equals casual Lolita. Just type that into Google Images and you’ll get a ton of different styles in your search results, some of which you may consider to be just simpler, but still unquestionably Lolita coords. But the reason why I couldn’t do it is because to me Lolita is a sort of “all or nothing” thing. I don’t wear it every day, it’s unlikely that I ever will, so when I do wear it, why would I want to tone it down in any way? I want everything Lolita has to offer, all the fab’n’frill so to speak. This is what attracted me to the fashion in the first place and this is what makes me really feel like a Lolita when I wear it. So why on Earth would I want to skimp on all that?

Taken from LolitaFashion.wikia.com
(and probably the best Punk Lolita coords I've seen,
although to me still not quite there)
The odd thing about that is that I actually like punk, as a music genre, as a fashion style and as a way of life (even if not my way). But there’s just something about this combination that doesn’t work, not in my opinion. Punk is messy, chaotic, slightly anarchic, going against the rules – making clothes in tartan and adding a couple of chain/stripy/leather/other “rougher” accessories doesn’t make the puffy and often ruffly Lolita skirts and blouses punk. At least I am yet to see a coordinate which I could comfortably call both Punk and Lolita. What I’ve seen is either too “well behaved” to be punk or missing that little something that’d make it Lolita for me. And of the good coordinates that I saw, a lot of them I’d class as totally different styles (ranging from Gothic and Steampunk to, if anything, a slightly edgier Classic) or just punk (mainly the ones where someone wears trousers – sorry, trousers alone don’t make something Punk Boystyle Lolita, and I doubt if it’s even possible to achieve that look without looking like you’re crossdressing). I just don't feel it, not the stuff that I saw. Fabulous Steampunk Lolita is far easier to achieve, because it already borrows heavily from the Victorian aesthetic, but just-good just-Punk Lolita seems near impossible in my opinion – and I wouldn’t want to wear something that doesn’t come close to an as-of-yet non-existing ideal for that style.

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