Lolita Blog Carnival: What is your number one goal item right now?

Yes, I am finally oficially a part of Lolita Blog Carnival, and I can't even begin to express how happy I am about that. It feels like an accomplishment, as well as a challenge to participate as often as I can. This week they ask about my number one goal item right now – and while this should be a fairly straightforward question, I feel like it's not and requires a more elaborate answer.

Back at the end of my last Lolidrobe Reassessment Post I posted my Lolita wishlist, which is still very much up to date and hasn't changed a bit. I am still waiting for that Magic Tea Party skirt (I placed the order around Chinese New Year holiday season, so delays are to be expected), nonetheless, we can exclude that one from the equation for the time being.

It is still hard picking just one out of the eight remaining items from that wishlist, mostly because at this point I feel that I know what I like and I know what direction I want my wardrobe to go, so I could talk at length about why I want each and every one of those pieces, with both emotional and more practical justifications for that.

Commence dreamy sighs
Having said that, if I was absolutely strongarmed into choosing one, and only one, it would probably have to be the Revival Sweet Teddybear JSK in blue by Innocent World. I first saw this dress a long time ago on Closet Child, but in brown, and despite not being exactly wowed by it, I bookmarked it and kept my eye on it. Having later done some research on it, I discovered that it came in blue as well, which would work a lot better with my wardrobe than brown, seeing as I have a lot of sax and navy items. But the blue version is still nowhere to be found, despite me checking every singe used Lolita clothing website I know of and asking via a Want to Buy post on both EGL_comm_sales and various Lolita sales groups on Facebook (I'd even consider my AP Merry Making Party OP for it!). Nothing. Ironically enough, I've seen the pink version surface quite a few times (and stay there for a long time), and there are at least two brown ones that I could still purchase now – but no sight, not even a glimpse if the blue one. And the ironic thing is that it was apparently released while I was in Japan! Mind you, I wouldn't be able to afford it back then, but I don't recall ever seeing it in Kanazawa's Innocent World shop, even though I was there fairly regularly.

What this whole thing really
is – but I don't care!
This JSK feels like the perfect addition to my Lolidrobe, being Sweet Lolita, which is what I still consider myself to be, despite swaying towards Classic a lot recently, while at the same time remaining subtle enough that it would work with Classic as well. In terms of colours I can see it being coorded with all kinds of things that I own already, so there would be no real need to add anything else alonside it – a single purchase just waiting to happen. Alas, it looks like I must continue waiting, although the longer I wait, the more I am tempted to simply get the JSK in brown and then try to coordinate it with the rest of my Lolidrobe somehow. Or immediately put up as a Want to Trade post. What complicates that further is the deal I made with my boyfriend. He promised to buy me a Lolita dress if I got at least a 2:1 for my university degree, which I did, and I really want it that dress to be one of the dream dresses on my wishlist, and Revival Sweet Teddybear in brown tempts me een more when it presents itself as a potential present rather than a purchase. Crucially though, it is not in blue, and it would feel like a betrayal if I asked to cash in on my Good Degree Result Reward with something that I'd later trade for something, even if it's the same thing just in a different colour. I want that reward dress to be special.

Wow, that seems like a rather long rant to say that I want a dress, but can't have it because reasons! When I started writing this post I considered bending the rules to talk about at least one other dress that I want just as much as this one, but since it looks like it'd just end up being just as much written again, I better not, in case I scare you all off. :P

Let me know what is your number one goal item at the moment, and if you have any chance of getting it – I offer sharing both the joys and the pains of whatever situation you're in. And don't forget to check out what other Lolita Blog Carnival participants have written!


  1. Hold on and search and wait - one day it just must pop up somewhere! The shade of blue is just enchanting, no wonder you covet it. Fingers crossed hard for you:-)

    1. Thank you. That's what I've been doing, patiently waiting and checking my go-to websites for that dress almost daily. One day... :)


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