What trends do you wish would die out

I have talked about my Lolita dislikes before: specifically about the trends I'd and the styles I'd never wear. As with any fashion, there are always trends or fads which are so far from our tastes that we'd never wear them, but I think a sensible person should be clear about differentiating between subjective hates and less subjective trends which one thinks should disappear off the face of the planet. And it's the latter that I'll focus on here, although some things may repeat themselves.

Religious imagery

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This one's the same as my number one from the Trends I'd Never Wear post, nevertheless I feel justified in this case. Again, let's be clear, I'm excluding crosses from this equation, as they are not so emotionally charged nowadays and are a staple of Gothic aesthetic. What I have issues with are all other kinds of religious imagery, in particular depictions of Jesus Christ or Virgin Mary. It's a bit biased in favour of Christianity, I am yet to see Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist or Jewish religious imagery being used in Lolita, but should it ever appear, I'd be uncomfortable with it too. To me religion is a very personal matter, as well as one which should not be treated as fashion, as that diminishes its value and seriousness. Whether it's Topshop selling rosaries or Lolita brands releasing dresses with Jesus Christ on them (yes, I'm judgingly looking at you, Juliette et Justine), to me that feels like either making fun of religion or using it without any thought for its significance in human history and people's lives. Stop, just, stop.

Plush bags

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Whilst I see how and why they enter Lolita, I'm one of those weird people who like their fashion to be practical. All my bags, civvie or Lolita, have to fit at least my phone and wallet, both of which are pretty big. If I tried to stuff either one of those two items into a brand plush bag, that'd be it, stuffed (pun intended). Personally that's not something I'd wear because it makes the Lolita look that little bit too childish for me, but I understand that this may be the look some people are going for. However as a bag they should be banned. It should be forbidden to even call them bags, they're so unpractical and tiny! You're better off stitching straps to your favourite teddy and wearing it as an accessory, and then carry a bag with you, at least you'll have space for your stuff.

Massive Peter Pan collars

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Nothing wrong with Peter Pan collars themselves. They can be pretty cute and are great for a lot of Sweet Lolita looks, as well as other styles. But for crying out loud, have some mercy! The collar doesn't need to be the size of my entire torso, in fact I think that massive Peter Pan collars are quite unflattering to most people. Forget it if your shoulders are a little wider than teeny-tiny, it'll make them look even bigger and you'll end up a caricature of a human being. If it goes as far as your shoulders, then it's definitely too big; as with everything, balance is key, and that kind of collar simply drowns most people, unless you wear a very flashy JSK which in turn will drown the collar. I think that if brands are making Peter Pan collars that big, they should find a way to make them detachable, so that you could have a big one when you needed, but undo it and wear a normal size one the rest of the times. Unless that happen, I'd happily let that trend die.

I kept the list at three, for balance, but also so as to not sound too moany and negative. There's only so much Lolita dislikes, hates and negativity that one can take. What trends would you like to see disappear, never to return? Do you think that any of them are salvageable in any way, if they changed something? And don't forget to check out what other Lolita bloggers want gone.

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