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The bloomer debate is one that goes on probably since the beginnings of Lolita: do you need them? Well, seeing as I don’t have a pair of shorts comfy and long enough to wear instead, I thought that investing in a pair would be smart, as well as cute. And in search of cheap, lovely and comfortable bloomers I wandered to Etsy’s BasicLove shop.

For a bit more context, I researched the bloomers part very carefully. Having found mixed reviews of Bodyline’s ones, with some people swearing by them and others claiming them to be scratchy (and then finding out that Bodyline sold out on all white or off-white bloomers), I looked elsewhere. And since it’s cold now, but will potentially get warmer later, I tried to find something within the UK, which is how I found BasicLove. The reviews were all gleaming, the price was reasonable, so I decided to opt for those.

Price and shipping

I decided to go for the Everyday Comfy Basic ones in white, and having read the advice regarding sizing, then picked a custom size. With the regular being £9.50 and the custom only a £1 more (plus £3 shipping within the UK), the price is very reasonable, in fact the cheapest I could find for someone based in the UK (as well as for handmade ones). Nearly 250 all 5-star reviews were also convincing, so I ordered them!

  • Placed the order and paid on March 6th.
  • The bloomers were shipped on March 11th
  • …and arrived on March 12th – keep in mind, these were custom made!

The item itself

Photo by BasicLove

I opened them after the meet, when I was very tired, so taking photos of the packaging was the last thing on my mind. However, they did arrive wrapped in a grey plastic posting bag and another layer of plastic foil on the inside.

I ordered them in 42cm length, the longest available, and they look exactly like on the stock photo; the only difference is that I believe there’s a tiny bow on the stock photo, which mine don’t have, but I didn’t notice that until now, plus I’m not particularly fussed over it. However, I do wish that they had a little bit more length in the legs rather than body, would keep me warmer, but I probably could’ve mentioned that when ordering, so not complaining.

The bloomers are insanely comfortable! This is partly to do with the custom made bit, since these are made to the measurements I provided, they fit well without being too tight or digging into my body. The other part is due to the material: they’re made out of polycotton (part-cotton, part-polyester), which makes them light enough to let some air through, but at the same time warm enough to keep your bum and upper thigh from freezing. In all fairness, my issue with cold is usually that tiny bit in between just-above-my-sock and just-under-the-hem-of-the-dress, however, for someone who can get cold pretty quickly – every little helps!

In all honesty, I can’t wait to actually wear these, I think they’re great fun as well as an incredibly practical addition: warmth for colder days and protection of my decency all year round!
No worn photos because this is underwear we’re talking about here, let’s keep it decent! :P


Price: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5 – although I wouldn’t mind if the seller offered a slower and cheaper option upon agreeing to take all responsibility for the delivery as a buyer
Item quality: 5/5

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