Secret Shop tea parties review


I know, I’m spending my money left, right and centre. But not only is it on Lolita, it’s on items that I do have a need for and that will go a long way towards completing a lot of my coords.

Price and shipping

This was the first time I was using Clobba Online, and I have to say that I’m very pleased with them. While I would’ve liked to get the shoes slightly cheaper, I understand that as a reseller this is how they make money – and in all fairness to them, $46.95 for the shoes + $22 for Airmail shipping was decent. 

The whole process took about a month, however, bearing in mind that I placed the order around the Chinese New Year festivities, I’d say that’s actually very quick!
  • I placed the order on February 5th;
  • Invoice arrived the following day and was paid promptly;
  • The order was dispatched on February 22nd (or at least that’s when I received tracking details);
  • And finally it arrived on March 8th.

Remember, that’s standard Airmail, not EMS, that we’re talking about – just over 2 weeks is very speedy indeed, and Martin from Clobba was helpful, polite and quick to reply to all my questions and worries. Which I had a few, since I wasn’t sure how Clobba ran during the Chinese New Year and when exactly would my order be sent. Someone like him is fantastic to have on the other end of the line to calm you down and reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about. And while at times I was slightly taken aback by his informal tone, it’s nothing bad – I’m simply used to sellers from China adopting a very formal tone in their messages, but his friendly manner just goes further to reassure you that you can ask about anything and that all issues will be handled immediately.

Parcel and item itself

I was actually rather surprised when it arrived. It looked so pretty and fun wrapped in that polka dot foil – what a great way to protect the package as well as added to the look of it. But what’s more, it didn’t look particularly battered or worn out. No dents, no tears, no signs of rough handling whatsoever, which was shocking indeed after reading a fair few reviews where people mentioned their shoes arriving in boxes that got out of shape in transit.

I must also admit that the Secret Shop’s shoe box was cute just on its own. I’m sure there’s a reason I’m unaware of, but the logo looks so much like Baby’s that at first glance I would’ve sworn it was Baby (but then the realisation that I can’t afford brand shoes hits and I remember what it is :P).
The shoes themselves are exactly like they look on the stock photo: same shape, same colour. I adore this shade of wine, it’ll go very well with my wardrobe, and even though the insides of the shoes and straps could’ve been wine as well instead of white, I don’t think that matters that much, since nobody will really see them. The heel looks like wood or faux-wood, but they’ve matched the shade of it well so that it doesn’t stand out – though personally I probably would’ve preferred it to be black and match the rim of the shoe. Not that this makes any actual difference.

As far as size and comfort of wear are concerned, I ordered size LL (25cm), which is my exact foot measurement, and they fit me great, with maybe a teeny-tiny bit of room. If anything, they’re true to size and have enough room for a tick sock too. I only tried them on and took a couple of steps, but they feel comfy, don’t rub at the heel, which is my usual problem with all kinds of shoes. The straps can adjust a fair bit as well, and unlike my custom made An*tai*na ankle straps, these guys fit just right, neither too big nor too small (not sure how An*tai*na took my ankle circumference and turned it into straps that are way too big, but never mind, wrong review). I do expect these to be as comfortable as Bodyline’s tea parties once I do wear them properly.


Price: 4/5 – if I could’ve, I probably would’ve ordered directly from the seller, but considering that Clobba is a reselling business, it’s a reasonable price.
Shipping: 5/5
Item quality: 5/5 – although I am yet to wear them for any longer period of time, so I’m guessing the comfort of wear based on a few steps taken indoors.

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