Bodyline L581 blouse review


I know I said I’d only get new blouses if I spotted a good deal on them, but a wardrobe has to grow somehow. And when I saw someone else sell this one, finally saw what it actually looks like and then followed up with reading some reviews I thought to myself “what the heck!”.

Price and shipping

It’s Bodyline, even the newer pieces like this one won’t break your budget! At ¥4319 (tax included) for the blouse itself, since I bought via Bodyline’s Rakuten shop, and ¥2300 for EMS shipping and handling fee by Tenso, it’s not bad (altogether something like £40). It gets even less bad if you consider that should I buy this blouse through Bodyline’s English website with shipping to the UK, I’d pay about a tenner more.

Also, for the first time in forever, I had no fees to pay, which meant that Parcelforce got this to me incredibly quickly! I placed the order on February 29th, by March 3rd it was at Tenso, 1 day for dispatch and it arrived on March 7th! Miracle, Parcelforce can get things to you quickly and not mess up anywhere along the way!

Parcel and item itself

We all know that Bodyline’s stock photos are rubbish! If I hadn’t seen this blouse photographed by someone else to sell (and then in reviews), I’m not sure if I’d ever even consider it. In the end I’m glad I did.
All the usual Bodyline and Tenso wrapping and packing going on, no faults there. FYI, I should probably stop collecting the Bodyline bags, but I do like how they’re printed and have that little peek window to look at your item. 

While the blouse probably isn’t much to rave about, as far as Bodyline’s concerned it’s decent quality. I ordered mine in offwhite, though to me it feels like just-white – potato-potahto. The material itself felt alright in my hands when I took it out of the bag, although once I put it on I did think that if not actually scratchy it was a tiny bit stiff – and same goes for the lace. Hopefully a bit of fabric softener will fix that, but as I often wear a camisole under my Lolita anyway, I’m sure I’ll get used to it. It’s also a little bit sheer, so camisoles are definitely advised when wearing the blouse with skirts!

I remember looking at the measurements listed and feeling that ideally there’d be a size between their M and 2L, as I sat in between. Then, weighing shirring against general comfort, I decided to size up, which turned out to be a smart decision. I can’t say that it’s small, I’m just not used to tops this length which cling to your body so high (it sits just below my natural waist), but it does ride up a bit when I move. However, it sits nicely round the shoulders and bust (I was a little worried about the shoulders, since mine are a on the smaller side), and the sleeves are very good length. Again, whilst it’ll take some getting used to the shirring on the sleeves in so many places, it’s not uncomfortable per se, and I have to say that the sleeves are actually my favourite part.

The blouse comes with a detachable bow and cameo broch, the first of which is simple, yet elegant, and the former is genuinely lovely, even if it feels like something I might’ve seen in Primark when cameos were in fashion. With them being detachable they can be easily put into your hair or on a ribbon tied around your neck, but given that the blouse looks exactly the same front and back, keeping it on seems like a good idea, if only to tell which way round to put it on.

However, it’s when it’s on that the blouse’s charm really comes to the fore. Simple, yet elegant, and even the length which I find awkward makes a lot more sense. I like how the elasticity of the blouse allows you to do an off-shoulder look, should you want to, but also how you can pinch it a bit closer and imitate a square(ish) neckline, especially with a JSK over it to keep it in place. It’s not something I’d wear with a skirt, simply because I’d be too self-conscious with the blouse riding up and/or looking as if I was slightly chubbier than I am, but that’s just my personal preference, and I can totally see how someone could rock it that way.


Price: 4/5 – I know that Bodyline has some softer laces and materials, so it’d be nice to have them here, but since they’re not, the price could be a tiny bit lower
Shipping: 5/5 overall – first time!
Item quality: 4/5 – looks good, but could feel a little more natural; I'll have to get used to it a little, maybe use some fabric softener, and for that I deducted a mark


  1. Thanks for this review, I had been looking for it for a while! :)


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