Easter coord


For some this is a day like every other one, for others – one of the most important holidays. Although I’m not a Catholic, I’m not even particularly religious, Easter is an important part of my culture and a time when being with the ones you love is what matters most. Probably even more so than Christmas which often gets obscured by all the presents, parties and Coca-Cola ads.

As it is a special occasion, I thought it appropriate to deck myself in Lolita for the day.

| Angelic Pretty Merry Making Party OP (yellow) | offbrand
upcycled cardigan (sax) | Angelic Pretty Ladder Ribbon OTKs
(sax) | Bodyline S522 tea parties (sax) | Bodyline Love Jewelry
headbow (sax) | offbrand glitter star clips (pink) | Etsy
cupcake ring (blue x pink)

None of the blues that I’m wearing really matches, each other or the dress, but somehow I feel like this adds to the overall Easter-y shabby chic feel to it. My hair is naturally longer, but by curling and pinning it up randomly I managed to create an illusion of a cute short bob. I'm sorry the ring didn’t make it to any of those photos, though in all fairness, it probably wouldn’t be very visible anyway, it’s only a small one.

This Angelic Pretty OP was my impulse buy and although every now and then I consider getting rid of it (it’s not the easiest piece for me to coordinate, with it being an OP as well as being yellow), it proved perfect for today. The colours and the bunnies on the print make for a very Easter-y feel to it all. Even the weather seems to feel that it’s spring now: despite forecasts warning of utterly miserable, rainy Easter weekend it’s sunny (only a patch of rain so far) and whilst not the warmest it could be, it feels refreshing rather than chilling. Although with my family we decided against going out, instead opting for eating the food that we made and watching some Disney (ok, I imposed Disney, but nobody objected to us watching Hercules and then Mulan).

To all of you I’d like to wish you an Easter full of joy, peace and love, regardless of how you spend this day and who with. And I hope that today was an opportunity to wear your fancy Lolita clothes and do something you enjoy for you as well.

Left to right: My Mum’s Easter flower arrangement and some of our Easter cards; quail’s eggs and an Easter egg; sweet roll tray bake with a crumble topping made by me.


  1. looks like you had a lovely Easter. It seems a little different to the kind of Easter you would spend in Australia (where I'm from). We do chocolate hunts and flowers but I don't think I've seen cards or quails eggs before. Can I ask what they are for?
    I hope you have a lovely Easter. Happy Frilling.

    1. Well the cards are a very Polish thing, but quail's eggs are just my Mum saying 'instead of painting eggs lets get some painted by Mother Nature'. :P But I am Polish, so we keep our Easter mostly that way - and ours is more about the savouries and some cakes, since it's the end of Lent.
      I hope you've had a great Easter in Japan too. :D


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