Guess where I can go this year...!

Every year at the beginning of December there’s this sci-fi and fantasy convention in Poland that I’ve been going to for years. At this point in time it’s more of a social gathering, a chance to see old friends rather than take part in panels or listen to interesting lectures as it’s a smaller event, but I still like going. And this year it’ll be the 30th time it’s on, even more of a reason to go. But what does all this have to do with Lolita?

Usually that convention takes place during the first weekend of December – but that means that I’m missing the Winter ILD, since that’s first Saturday of December. However, I just found out (or more like realised) that in order to keep the convention in December (since it’s meant to start on a Wednesday this year) they’ve moved it up by a week.


I was so convinced that I’d have to give ILD a miss that I even started seriously considering whether to not go to the convention (it’d also save me some holiday from work, which I’d otherwise have to take). But learning that I can do both this year is certainly like a Christmas come early.

A little preview of what I'll be coordinating around
And you know what else this means? It means that the winter themed coord that’s been in my head for what seems like ages now will now have a chance to emerge, mwahaha! The good news is that since I had it in my head for so long, I’ve already bookmarked most of the pieces that I’m still missing for it – bonus for the fact that it’s mostly accessories that I’ll be needing, and that I have just under 8 months to get it all. The bad news is that unless it proves to be an exceptionally dry and warm winter, I don’t have any weather appropriate boots that’d also match the coord I’m planning. I’ll have to dig very deeply into eBay and Aliexpress, or have a very serious think about whether I can justify buying a pair of Lolita boots from An*tai*na or Secret Shop ones (not sure how keen I am on what Bodyline has to offer).

At the moment my list of missing items looks like this:
  • Boots
  • Outerwear (I'm eyeing a wrap that'd work, but will that be enough, won't I need a coat with it as well?)
  • Headwear, especially headbow
  • Snowflake tights or OTKs 
  • Bag? (I might already have some that'd work, but I need to physically see the rest put together first)

Regardless of my boots worries, I am incredibly excited that I’m able to go. This will be my first ILD, since I can’t make it this summer (I made plans already, before anything was announced), plus any chance to hang out in very fancy Lolita is a win in my eyes.

Bring it on, December!

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