Sweet Circus coord


It was only last week when I did the 1 Dress 4 Styles challenge as part of the Lolita Blog Carnival, and it was then that I discovered one look which I did not expect to be possible nor did I expect it to work. Well, sometimes you simply won’t know until you try it.

I actually wore that shortly after publishing the original challenge post, today is simply the best time for me to put it up here.
| Bodyline Sweet Macaron JSK | Axes Femme fan brooch
blouse | BtSSB Border OTKs | vintage military jacket |
vintage bow necklace | mini-soldier hat (Etsy) |

After trying this look on I think I like it even better than laid out flat. Yes, I’d still rather have a cutsew underneath the JSK for more comfort, and a white or even a red one would probably work better than this one, but for a first time it still came out good. The good thing about this ensemble is that I could easily switch this JSK for AP’s Fantasy Theater and it’d look just as good, if not better considering that the latter is actually a circus themed print.

I decided to wear this not only to see how it’d look, but also as I had planned to Skype my Lolita friends abroad that day and I wanted something comfortable (back shirring), which also reflected my personality and style (I looove circus themes!). Unfortunately, the Skype session didn’t happen, but at least I got to spend a day in Lolita, which is one of my goals for this year. And that, wearing Lolita, is always a win.


  1. That looks really cute worn! I love seeing this unusual take on this dress.

    1. Thank you. Having tried this I think I'll look for more unexpected coordinate possibilities.


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