What was your favourite brand when starting out and is it the same

We all have a favourite brand: the one that we keep going back to, whose next releases we're pining for the moment they're announced, the one we think is the best of all. In all fairness, I'm surprised this hasn't gotten territorial quite yet, like AP vs Baby instead of Montagues vs Capulets.

So are you brand or not?
In my case things might get a little bit controversial because when I started out my favourite brand (and the only one I knew) was Bodyline. I know that some people don't consider it a brand, it's a bit too mass produced and not always the best quality, although recently it redeemed itself a little. Nonetheless, when I started out, I genuinely had no idea about brands, only a vague inkling that there was this something that was even cuter, but also even more expensive. On the other hand, Bodyline was (and still is) very affordable, and some of the stuff that they had I thought was genuinely adorable - and luckily I was able to buy my first Lolita dress directly from Bodyline's shop in Osaka instead of having to guess from the awful stock photos.

AP, my love, my dream...!
Photo by Geoff Stears on Flickr
However now things are very different. Not only had my favourite brand changed, but I also understand brands a lot better. I still have a lot of sentiment for Bodyline and value them for what they are, but my favourite is without a doubt Angelic Pretty. It's the magic of their prints that captivates me so much, as well as the Sweet Princess feel of so many of their clothes. I mean who wouldn't want to rule the Bubblegum Kingdom, even if only for a little while? Even now, when some of their newest releases are not necessarily things I'd buy, I still love the look of them and had I been richer, I probably would get them in the end.

How about you? What's your favourite brand right now, and was that always the case? Let me know in the comments, and check out what the other Loli bloggers favourites:

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