My Favourite Trend at the Moment

Since I started working full time, I have reduced the amount of time I spend on Facebook quite a bit. It could still be better, but it’s already an improvement on what it’s been before. However, while I may spend less time on Facebook, I have also personalised my news feed so that I see more of the things I’m interested in – and that’s where Closet of Frills comes in.

I firmly believe that looking at how other people style their Lolita dresses is the best way to grow as a Lolita yourself. What the brands put out on their stock photos or runways can often be a bit traditional, to avoid using the word “safe”. But Lolitas out there have unlimited fantasy and amazing sense of style, and if we are to learn, then only from the best.

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It’s by browsing through Closet of Frills that I stumbled upon this trend of a peeking underskirt in a contrasting but complimenting colour (most often white or ivory). And while at first I was a bit unsure what to think – I wasn’t quite keen on the extra length that added and until then I was convinced that all undergarments should stay hidden – it not only grew on me, I now think this is one of my favourite Lolita trends.

If I was any good with sewing, I’d make one, as they don’t seem like a particularly difficult project – alas, I don’t know how to sew, and I don’t want to bother my friends with a request to make me something. So I'll have to search for one that I like the look of and which would fit my budget, which is generally just “as cheap as I can get it”.

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The sort I'm looking for: simple yet elegant
However, theres also that part of me which keeps saying that jumping on a trend bandwagon when I still find myself thinking that I dont have enough wardrobe builders, especially head and legwear, is a bit silly. Its not quite up there with having one blouse for a dozen JSKs, but it’s not that far off either. The sensible thing at the moment would be to invest in headpieces first, and then, should I find something I like and can afford, try to incorporate an underskirt into my Lolidrobe.

Ultimately this will have to remain on my wishlist for now. Not that this will stop me from thinking about getting an underskirt, looking for one or drooling over other people's gorgeous coordinates using one. But maybe, just maybe, if I sit on this one, I will be better able to incorporate it into my own wardrobe straight away.


  1. I really like Peacockalorum's underskirts! I'm not sure if she's taking orders at the minute as she's preparing for Under the Sea, but mine are really well made and she does them in a lot of colours too.

    1. Dropping the link in a separate comment in case it gets filtered out:

    2. Ooh, I actually have that in my Etsy favourites. You say it's good quality? Is it soft to the touch? I've been eyeing one on Taobao, but I suspect that with shipping it may come up to the same as Peacockalorum's, and I'd rather support an indie shop. :)


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