Habits You've Picked up from Lolita Fashion


Many of us find that wearing Lolita fashion, even only occasionally, has an impact on our selves outside of these frilly clothes. I believe that a lot of this comes down to the realisation of how differently we treat clothes and fashion when it’s Lolita and when it’s just regular everyday stuff. As long as this leads to something positive, rather than low self-esteem, I say let’s encourage those realisations and small changes of habits!

For me a lot of these habits that I’ve picked up from Lolita fashion involve the way I’m wearing clothes, not necessarily lifestyle stuff, although some of this is starting to creep in (then again, it’d be more appropriate to call them things Lolita fashion has inspired me to do rather than habits I picked up from the fashion). Although I still made sure to pick things that “go” together before, now I pay a lot more attention to what I wear and I’d say that I coord my outfits. Balancing out the colours, trying to remember about accessories more, every now and then sacrificing a bit of comfort for the look (especially with shoes) – I wasn’t doing those things before I really got into Lolita fashion.

Although the biggest change of habits would have to be ditching wearing trousers altogether. I’ve done that way back in April last year, so it’ll be the anniversary of that in just a few months, but I honestly couldn’t have been happier. I feel more confident and even on days when I’m not feeling at my best I can still take comfort that at least I don’t look it. Even though I don’t wear Lolita on a daily basis and am yet to try wearing a brand piece to work, most of my daily wardrobe leans pretty otome and is dominated by Axes Femme and vintage/vintage reproduction stuff, which, simple as it may be, does stand out against the sea of trousers-and-tops.

I’d love to add a few more habits from Lolita fashion to my daily life, such as styling my hair more or wearing makeup daily, however I’m not prepared to invest the time or the energy into this quite yet. Pastel or kawaii things are creeping into my daily life a bit more, for example through cute stationary at work or beautifully fragranced candles, but as I said, that’s far from a habit.

The above isn’t much, not in terms of the number of things I do differently now compared to how I was before I was wearing Lolita fashion, but together they have had a big impact on my life. And because I believe that Lolita fashion in itself is a positive influence, I welcome any change that it will inspire me to make within myself. So far every experience has been positive, so bring it on!

Is there anything, a habit or just a thing, that you’ve picked up from Lolita fashion? Did it have a good influence on you? I’d love to hear about that!


  1. Och, I also have ditched pants. I wear them like reaaaaally rarely. And they seem so uncomfortable. Dress seems like an easy option to put on everyday and it doesn't limit my movements or comfort. I prefer dresses especially that I have wide hips and small waist, so it's hard to find well-fitting pants.

    Thanks to lolita I have also started to style my hair more often. Making some loose curls or braids is not so time consuming and adds a lot of cuteness to the look! ^^

    1. Yeah, exactly that! Trousers are ugh and uncomfortable and limiting, I don't like them anymore. Unless they're pyjama pants. :P

      I'm still not proficient/practiced enough to style my hair more often, but I'd love to be. My hair just looks so much nicer when it's styled, but because I love my sleep, I don't even try to do it.

  2. Thinking of which colours in wardrobe I have already, when shopping. It makes a wardrobe more easy to use, then you just can pull something of the rack, without thinking about how it look to this and this.
    I should however being better to pick prints, because I am not very good to it(pattern everywhere).

    1. I didn't really think about that, but I guess that is a habit I've picked up. My normie wardrobe is pretty limited on colours, so I can stick to reds, blues and whites and that has me mostly covered. Although I have added a few different colours now, so I probably should make more effort to think about those too when I'm clothes shopping.


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