How Lolita am I?

Whilst we're still in the early days of 2017 I thought I'd do something extra to the usual new year bits. I really like the FYeahLolita's Lolita Level Up Quiz for how fun it is and comparing the Loli me in January 2016 and January 2017 should further show how much I've grown as an enthusiast of this fashion. Anyone else cares to do a similar comparisons - maybe even between you in your first year of Lolita versus now?


  1. I guess it is hard to say yes to lot of them, if I don't belong to a local com(since it is hard to connect to a local group, in which is closed around it self online like a puster) and there is no major events in my country. But I can however say I did pay less than 20% f retail price for a brand item and one of my prints is older than 6 years old. I do however have novelty items, novelty purses, deer horns, a pegnoir and a pair of RHS. I do like having tacky things.

    1. I agree that some of these questions completely ignore individual circumstances, but they've had to generalise a little to cover the most common experience. What bothers me a little more are the dated questions like the one about roomwear or meeting Novala Takemoto (I haven't seen him named as a guest on any Lolita events, so unless you follow him as a writer and go to a book signing or something, how would you meet him?).

      I wouldn't say that any of these are tacky things, as long as they fit into the coord. :)

    2. I guess the roomwear thing was a way some could justify they could not always be in a dress(apparently bloomers is roomwear). You should be more than lucky to catch Novala Takemoto to event, but it happens.

    3. See, to me roomwear is something that you could wear and it'd still be appropriate to be seen it. Bloomers seem more like underwear, i.e. something which generally shouldn't be seen by other people. Although I guess peignoirs originated from roomwear, so maybe they could be considered something? I think there's still plenty of pyjamas/sleepwear/roomwear that fits the Lolita aesthetic, so that point mostly needs rewriting rather than removing. It'd be interesting to see if Novala Takemoto appears somewhere. I'm vaguely aware that at some point Baby stopped collaborating with him because of something he's said or done, but I never dug deep enough to find out what was that all about. I guess that may be the point where he generally stopped being invited to most Lolita specific events?


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