Create a Coord Based on a Dessert


Some people know whether they have a sweet tooth or not – I envy them a little. I tend to follow my cravings and fancies. One day I scour the cupboards for anything even remotely sweet and on another I can ignore sweet things in favour of carbs. Having said that, I love sweets of all shapes and sizes, so it was only fair to take part in this week’s challenge and create a dessert inspired coord.

I wanted to do something new – when you’re into Sweet Lolita, sweets and dessert inspired coords simply happen. I’ve already done cherries and whipped cream, I transformed myself into a confectionery fantasy for Wicked and Whimsy, I utilised the pink doughnut when I finally wore Diner Doll – looks like I’ve used up almost every obvious solution. I was looking at various desserts for inspiration and always kept going back to the same kind of colour schemes: red and white or predominantly brown. And while I may not have enough things for a full on chocolate coord, I did the next best thing I could.

Millionaire’s shortbread is one of my absolute favourite things ever. Since coming back from Japan in 2014 something clicked inside me and I now struggle to resist the temptation every time I see it. It’s only fair that the coord below is a tribute to this delicious treat.

I found an excuse to not have the colours perfectly balancing in the way that millionaire’s shortbread is. Starting with a brown blouse and gradually going lighter, I tried to recreate the layers of chocolate, caramel and shortbread. To make up for the lack of brown headwear I imagined my shortbread to be topped with extra caramel or maybe even a gold flake, if I’m that fancy, hence the simple gold headbow. Finally, I feel like I’m using that necklace a lot, but it does look like a shortbread biscuit sandwiching some chocolate, so it felt like the most appropriate one to spice up this outfit a little. I wish I had a proper biscuit bag and a ring to add to this mix, but it will have to wait for now.

What do you think? Are there any desserts that inspire you to create a matching coord? These bloggers certainly feel like they do:



  1. Millionaire's shortbread sounds tasty. Colour block are thing in normal fashion, why not try? I think this theme must be challenge for gothic. Licorice? But that exactly with it? The cheat way is burnt cakes.

    1. It's divine, if you ever get a chance to try some, then do. But only buy one piece rather than one of the sharing boxes of minis - that's an accident waiting to happen. :P I think there are plenty of sweets that could inspire non-Sweet Lolita coords. I'd like to see licorice inspired coords, even though I don't like licorice itself.


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