Your Autumn/Winter Aesthetic


Recently I seem to have been the only one doing the Lolita Blog Carnival topics. Shame, as I do enjoy reading what other people write on that same subject, but at the same time I enjoy having these writing prompts there: they motivate me to write something and help to diversify my content a little. So I’ll keep doing them for as long as I can and here’s another one for you to enjoy: my autumn/winter aesthetic.

I haven’t had enough Lolita pieces to have anything of a regular aesthetic – thi year is the first one where I can actually create an aesthetic. So here are some of the things that I’ve been enjoying or that I’d love to incorporate more in my autumn/winter Lolita aesthetic.

1. Cardigans and boleros

That’s pretty self-explanatory, really. It’s cold outside, making layering up a necessity, but I think that there are so many different styles of cardis and boleros to wear with Lolita that you’re never really with the same look. Whether you’re going for sophisticated Classic, cutesy Sweet or just something casual to throw over yourself for extra warmth, it’s easy to change an outfit with just this one item.

2. Vintage/retro vibes

Winter clothes from approximately 1930-1940s are so classy and evoke a real sense of elegance without looking like you’re trying too hard. There are so many vintage fairs and reproduction clothing companies, as well as plenty of high street or Taobao shops that are inspired by the retro look that it should be easy to pick up some tasteful pieces. Gloves, hats, hand muffs, even coats and boots, I’m digging all of the ebove right now and am looking at ways to incorporate more of these into my Lolita and my regular wardrobes.


3. Jewel tones

I consider that part of my aesthetic regardless of the season, however, it’s fairly natural to drift towards those more when the weather gets chilly and days become shorter. This is one of the coords which I put together recently that perfectly encapsulates that, as well as what I mentioned about boleros earlier. If not now, when everyone around is throwing jewel tones at us, then when?

4. Wigs

Before I tended to do something with my natural hair, but not it’s a lot easier and warmer to throw on a wig. I think I’m really getting into them in general, but right now there’s the added benefit of warm ears and no sweaty wigs – win-win overall. Except that I only have a couple, I feel like I should be getting more.


5. Tights

I’m a big fan of over the knee socks in Lolita: they come with all kinds of adorable prints and patterns on them, they’re pretty warm and I don’t feel so worried about getting a hole in them. The downside to them has always been that I’ve had a freezing cold strip between the top of my sock and the hem of the dress, and as I use sock glue to keep mine up, I really don’t want to be putting tights underneath the socks for extra warmth. But since I tried on the tights I got from Resailan, as well as since Primark started stocking some cute cable knit tights, I’m coming back to the idea of wearing tights instead of the OTKs. No exposed bits of skin and some of them come with cute designs as well – and if not, well, sometimes a bit of simplicity is what you need, especially with busy prints which I seem to have a lot of.

This is my autumn/winter aesthetic at the moment. I do hope that I will be able to get a few more pieces to really be able to enjoy the colder (and wetter) months in Lolita. With today being November 11th, I have placed an order with Taobao, hoping for some Singles Day discounts, although in retrospect, I could’ve added a few more seasonal pieces. Oh well, next time.


  1. I am more into jackets and shawels than cardigans and boleros. Mainly jackets are more fitted and formal, while shawels are very cosy.

    1. I know that I need more jackets/coats that go well with Lolita, but since in winter everything tends to be indoors and cardigans/sweaters/warm boleros make me think of those season anyway.

    2. Sweaters are fine, but I haven't seen anything loliable so far. Secondly I like to have extra length in a sweater, which clash with high waisted skirts.

    3. True, it's difficult to find loliable sweaters, although I think some vintage reproduction companies and places like Axes Femme have a good enough selection to offer something.

  2. Retro for winter is so cute... or for any time, really! I really adore the mix of retro with lolita.

    1. It's amazing, especially since so many of the Classic, Gothic and even some toned down Sweet Lolita dresses already fit into a retro aesthetic! You only need a couple of accessories to transform an outfit into a retro Loli one.


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