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We’ve finally reached main pieces I bought this year (in the nick of time too, since it’s November already), as well as the last Bodyline dress I own. I bought it because I was quite enamoured by the print, which I felt was different to what Bodyline usually brings out. Now I feel like it’s a little too similar in theme and colours to Crystal Dream Carnival – and if you could wear CDC instead, why wouldn’t you? – so I was quite wary of doing looks that were too similar. However, doing this post revived my appreciation for this print a little and gave a couple of ways that I could wear it, so hopefully one of these coords will get worn sometime.

Look 1: Sax Dream

| Infanta Moon Elegy blouse | AP Harlequinade OTKs |
Resailan Jewelry Box headbow | Deary replica heels |
Loris bag | Etsy necklace |

For me it’s hard to beat a sax and navy combination. It might not be very imaginative, but it works well, especially with this dress where there is quite a lot of sax, so it feels that little bit more justified. Plus this is an outfit that’s right in the middle, not too dressy and not too casual – and at the same time it has potential to be either, depending on how it’s accessorised.

Look 2: Warm for Winter

| IW Torchon Crown Embroidery blouse | IW Pearl
OTKs | offbrand boots, boots toppers, fur cape
and earmuffs | Peacockalorum hand muff | AP Crystal
Dream Carnival
ring |

Whilst black/navy boots and white tights/socks would probably have looked more balanced, this is still a good winter wonderland-ish look. You can get all these furry pieces really cheaply online by browsing the wedding sections, and they are quite versatile, but also will definitely keep me warm. And all this fur has somehow managed to make this very sweet print a little bit more elegant.

Look 3: Casual Summer

| AP Large Ribbon Brooch blouse | Bodyline tea parties|
offbrand socks and bracelets | Chocomint ring | Etsy ring |
After Midnight doughnut clip | Enchantlic Enchantilly Sugar
ribbon necklace |

I wanted to pair this JSK with pink, since it’s already there (all the unicorns are pink, even if they’re a different shade), which ended up with a very casual Sweet look. Ideally I would’ve worn navy tea parties, but since I don’t own any, I threw in that sax ring to make it seem like I’m intentionally downplaying the navy. At first I put this with my pink OTKs, which also looked good, might reserve that for slightly chillier spring days or something.

Look 4: Dressy Carnival

| offbrand blouse | IW Rose Lace Millefeuille bolero |
Putumayo Celestial Light OTKs | Deary replica heels |
IW Merry-go-round bag | Peacockalorum headbow |

Navy and wine is another classic combo which is one of my favourites. Although the print on the JSK isn’t strictly a carnival or merry-go-round one, it doesn’t feel totally out of place with a theme like this, especially when I’ve kept it quite subtle. All these rich jewel tones evoke a sense of autumn, perfect for now, with a chill in the air and all these golden leaves creating a rustling blanket on the ground.

As I said, spending the time to create some outfits with this JSK really made me want to wear it again, when in the past few months I have fallen a little out of love with it. I do like the fact that each of my main pieces is different or maybe very loosely sharing a theme, so having this one remind me so much of a Bodyline attempt at an AP-style carnival print made me ignore it every time I thought of what to wear. Hopefully this will end here.


  1. I really like the first two looks, especially the wintry one is so fluffy!

    1. Oh yes, I'm so happy that I managed to get every one of these furry items offbrand for cheap. I nearly bought a used brand capelet a few times and while it probably would be a lot softer, I'd just be scared to wear it in actual winter weather.

  2. I like the first three. Maybe it is because I am not really into pastels. But Wine empatisize pastels even more than pastel themed cordinate does. But you are the lucky owner of bodyline's prettiest sweet jsk. If I did own this dress, I would play with gold ascents and creams ala btssb. It might be OTT in same genre as CDC, but it is indeed a beautiful dress in it own right.

    1. I've already worn this dress with gold, and although I definitely could improve on that coord, I wanted to play with things I haven't quite done before, as well as explore ways to make this dress stand out in its own right. It really is one of Bodyline's nicest prints (for me Sweet Macaron steals the title of THE nicest Bodyline print) and it's well made as well, so I'd like to give it more love that it deserves. Now that I think about it, it'd be nice to play up to the cloudy, ethereal theme at some point.

    2. You forget flower boquet, but it wasn't a custom print. But still some of bodyline's nicer pieces.

    3. I don't recall which one is that off the top of my head. Plus, given Bodyline's affordability, the prints that they do that I like I tend to own or did own at some point. :P

    4. The skirt with vertical stripes and flower border at bottom.
      I don't own much Bodyline, they do not so much classic. And the pieces I want is usually sold out in the colour ways I want.

    5. Ah, see, I wouldn't consider that one because of the colourways. I find the black one too sharp for such a delicate, Classic print, and the stripes on the brown make it a bit too Sweet (they remind me of Bodyline's take on Fruits Parlor). If they revised the background and offered maybe some softer colourways I think it'd be more up my street. But I agree, Bodyline doesn't do a lot of nice Classic stuff, which is a shame, considering how they're less to do with print and more to do with getting the right colour and cut (and sometimes a print, but it's more like all over florals rather than original border prints). Surely they could bring out more solid or floral dresses, right?

    6. Or start with better fit. I think there is no classical dresses or blouses I can fit, without getting altered. Like cut 10 cm of fabric in waist on every single blouse they have, there isn't full shirred. But a solid dresses I could use more of.

    7. I could use more solid coloured dresses as well, but I find myself being very picky with them. When a plain coloured dress costs just as much as a fancy print, used or new, I want all the details to be really spot on.

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